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Netflix Gives Us The Trailer To Lost In Space

Lost In Space

Danger Will Robinson! Danger! We are getting a new take on the classic 1960’s television show Lost In Space. This time, it appears that the show will be taking place only 30 years from our own time. The show will star Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall, Max …

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Stranger Things: Season One Recap

  Hang those Christmas lights, ready your weapons, and roll for Initiative! The Demogorgon approaches. Stranger Things was the surprise Halloween hit last year we never knew we needed. Its 80s charm and intriguing supernatural mystery kept us all on the edge of our seats. I loved it just as …

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Death Note: A Netflix Anime Adaptation

  I’ll take an adaptation…and review it! Based on the hit manga and anime series of the same name, Death Note is the latest Netflix movie to make waves. It drew in peoples’ attention from the very first trailer. Some of that attention was good. Unfortunately, due to the cast …

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Bright Lights Up the Night-a Will Smith Film

This year at SDCC, Will Smith came promoting his new film Bright. This film takes place around two buddy cops from completely different species. Bright is set in a world where all the fairy creatures from legends are very real. So real that they hold spots in every place in …

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What’s Coming To Netflix In August

Since this summer has been so jam packed with new hit releases, August 2017 seems tame in comparison. Between the Wonder Woman and Spiderman: Homecoming release, what August movies could outshine that. Although August might be a relatively boring month for new releases, Netlfix has you covered with bunches of …

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Jessica Jones Episode 1 Review

Jessica Jones is the second in a series of 4 straight-to-Netflix shows that Marvel is producing.  The series premiered November 20th, and over the next few weeks we are going to review each episode in detail.  There will be no scores for each episode, so no need to scroll to …

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The Wait Is Almost Over

The wait’s almost over. A little something to get you through the next twelve hours. #JessicaJoneshttps://t.co/CLroWR3xHu — Jessica Jones (@JessicaJones) November 19, 2015   As it’s written, the wait is almost over!  Jessica Jones is going to be released on November 20th, and here are the opening credits!  It gives …

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Jessica Jones Teaser Trailer!

Following the animated teaser trailer to this teaser trailer, which will invariably be followed by an actual trailer…Marvel’s Netflix exclusive series Jessica Jones has released it’s first live-action glimpse at the titular character.  Anecdotal observation:  Jessica may in fact enjoy Jack Daniels whiskey. #trailerspoiler I’m intrigued and my interest is …

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