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Nintendo Goes Retro This Holiday Season

When you visit store shelves this holiday season, you will be seeing an old friend, albeit slightly different. Nintendo has announced the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition with a release date of Nov. 11 and a suggested retail price of $59.99. The NES is back baby!! However, quite as you fondly …

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Lock, Stock and Two Gaming Dudes

Behold, the premiere episode of Temple of Geek’s new show! This show will feature Danniel and Marcus as they play through different games. Each series will be broken into multi-part episode until the entire game is beaten. Please head subscribe to our YouTube channel for future episodes and feel free to …

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Nintendo World Championship 2015

The Nintendo World Championship is back! Tonight we were introduced to the 16 contestants by our host Kevin Pereira.  Those contestants are: THE MEXICAN RUNNER JOVENSHIRE MRBLARNEY BSG4000 TRIHEX ESSENTIA PACKIE JOHN NUMBERS BANANAS ARIN FERNSIG01 MAD MAGE COSMO SINISTER1 TIMZY88 JKSNBLKSN ROUND ONE! After 2 fierce rounds, TRIHEX, ESSENTIA, …

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