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Temple of Geek Best of 2017

We asked our Staff for the Best of 2017

  • Favorite Marvel moment

Stacy Bishop I think Thor surprised me so much it has to be my choice

Dave Hisaka Thor, to be more specific the casting of Jeff Goldbloom.

Josie Price Spider-man and Iron Man’s relationship in Spider-man homecoming.

Jose Vasquez Avengers Infinity War Trailer I cant stop watching it I have tears of joy each time I watch it.

Monica Duarte Spider-Man homecoming… Chair spinning scene: I’m the guy in the chair

Matthew Wells The pure enthusiasm that surrounds every film project they’re working on.

Brian Lazarow The end credits scene of Spider-man: Homecoming where Captain America trolls the audience.


  • Favorite DC moment

Stacy Bishop I was pleasantly surprised by Justice League!

Dave Hisaka Wonder Woman, finally they got a DC movie right.

Josie Price DC has good moments?

Jose Vasquez Wonder Woman walking through no mans land

Monica Duarte In the Wonder Woman film, the scene where they are in the trenches and Wonder Woman comes out and starts walking directly into gun fire. Taking all the heat so the men behind her in the trenches can advance.

Matthew Wells Announcing that Brian Michael Bendis has signed an exclusive with them. He hasn’t written anything yet, but it could be the creative kick that both he and the company needs.

Brian Lazarow Wonder Woman wading into No-Man’s Land.


  • Top 3 games…

Stacy Bishop Pyre (PC), Cuphead, Super Mario Odyssey

Dave Hisaka Zelda, Horizon Zero Dawn, and pokemon go… because i’m fat and need to walk.

Josie Price Resident evil 7, Uncharted, Bad Dreams:Series

Jose Vasquez  Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus, The Evil Within 2, Injustice 2

Matthew Wells Overwatch (PC), Fortnight (PC), and PUBG (PC)

Brian Lazarow Horizon: Zero Dawn, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nioh.


  • Top 3 Movies…

Stacy Bishop Guardians of the Galaxy II, Thor: Ragnarok, Logan

Dave Hisaka Wonder Woman, Thor, JLA… just joking. I haven’t seen Star Wars yet but I’m pretty sure it’ll be my #1

Josie Price Guardians of the Galaxky Volume 2, Spider-man Homecoming, Beauty and The Beast

Jose Vasquez Logan, War Of The Planet Of The Apes, Baby Driver

Monica Duarte Wonder Woman, Coco, Rogue One

Matthew Wells Thor: Ragnarok, Bladerunner 2049, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi (I believe)

Brian Lazarow Coco, The Last Jedi (even though it isn’t out yet), Spider-man: Homecoming.

  • Favorite Con…

Stacy Bishop Dallas Comic Con, only one I made this year!

Dave Hisaka SDCC but was very pleasantly surprised by Designercon

Josie Price A-kon

Jose Vasquez WonderCon I have so much fun each time I go

Monica Duarte San Diego Comic Con

Matthew Wells Amazing Comic Con Honolulu – I MET TOD MCFARLANE!

Brian Lazarow  Akon Dallas


  • Gaming Console of the year…

Stacy Bishop Switch

Dave Hisaka Switch because OMG Zelda

Matthew Wells  *psssssh PC all the way

Brian Lazarow PS4


  • Best Comicbook storyline… 

Jose Vasquez Dark Nights Metal

Matthew Wells Saga is always good, though FuJitsu is a lot of fun with only a few issues in.

Brian Lazarow Amazing Spiderman: Renew Your Vows


  • Geeky Movie of the year…

Stacy Bishop Logan

Dave Hisaka Wonder Woman

Josie Price Beauty and the Beast

Jose Vasquez Spider-Man Homecoming

Monica Duarte Wonder Woman

Matthew Wells I’m gonna go for Thor: Ragnarok. Just too much fun.

Brian Lazarow Lego Batman Movie, or The Last Jedi


  • Best Superhero

Dave Hisaka Wonder Woman, she showed she can be just as big as Superman and Batman

Josie Price Spider-man

Jose Vasquez The Flash

Monica Duarte Wonder Woman

Matthew Wells Batman. It’s usually Batman. Unless it’s Spider-Man. But Batman.

Brian Lazarow Wonder Woman


  • Top 3 Cosplayers

Josie Price Sasurealian, Aishazaya, Cried Wolves

Jose Vasquez brucewayne626, wonderwoman_xoxo, sithinthenorth

Monica Duarte Cosplayparents, doc_in_the_box, christina.is.crafty


  • Best new cosplay trend

Josie Price Drag Queen Cosplay

Monica Duarte Wonder Woman Cosplays


  • Best geeky thing that nobody is talking about

Dave Hisaka People making geeky themed cookies

Josie Price Drag Queen Cosplay

Jose Vasquez The Shape Of Water it looks amazing I can’t wait to watch it when it hits theaters

Matthew Wells I think professional eSports is poised to make a HUGE push and could be a lot of fun.


  • Best TV show

Stacy Bishop Legion

Josie Price Stranger Things

Jose Vasquez It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Monica Duarte The Good Place

Matthew Wells American Gods’ first season was an absolute phenomenon.

Brian Lazarow Does “Boku No Hero Academia” count?


  • 2017 was the best because….

Dave Hisaka I enjoyed working on this website, we’re small, but we are growing and I believe we have a great family.

Josie Price Marriage Equality happening around the world

Monica Duarte I finally started doing the geeky things that I always wanted to do. I did not let fear ruled me. I dug into photography, writing, allowing myself to be on camera, podcasting and so much more. And I am far from good, but the more I do. The better I will get. And sharing what you love with the world is very special.

Matthew Wells we’re at a point where geeky fandom is so ubiquitous that it has no choice but to evolve and get good, or die to another marketing bloat like in the 90s.

Brian Lazarow I’ve entered my final year of college and started working here at Temple of Geek!I’ve entered my final year of college and started working here at Temple of Geek!

Dave Hisaka

Hello, I am the Creative Content Director. I don't like talking about myself.