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Temple of Geek Chic: Jordandené

Hey Guys! Welcome to our first installment of Temple of Geek Chic! The goal here is to showcase Geek Fashion we love and put it to the geek test! We use real geeks as models and we check out different ways to incorporate Geek Style into our daily lives!

We first talked to Jordan of Jordandene a few months back. We were covering her upcoming trip to San Diego Comic Con 2017.  What attracted us to this company is that their hand-lettered shirts didn’t look like the typical fandom shirts you find among convention goers. Usually the only thing you can find to represent your favorite movies or television shows are graphic tees that display cast and character faces or the logo to a particular franchise.  And while those types of shirts are great too, they limit how and what you can wear them with. As Geek Chic becomes more mainstream, we want to see who is out there making the products that can be worn with more than just a pair of jeans. So we set out to put these comfy looking tees to the test!

What we love about it:

The subtle Geek nods! The shirts are 100% Geeky but they are a subtle geek. The way the shirts are hand lettered you wouldn’t immediately realize that they are quotes from geeky movies or proud statement shirts. You might even go undetected as a geek. This type of incognito fashion is most fun when you run into someone who is familiar with your particular fandom. Those reactions you get when they realize what you are wearing are priceless! It always feels great to run into a fellow fan-girl or boy! We particularly like the lapel pins! Kind of a fun way to add a little extra to a jacket, purse or backpack! We especially enjoyed the “Strange and Unusual” Lapel Pin!

How does it feel? 

The shirts are soft and comfortable! They hang softly on your skin and don’t cling.

What is the print like? 

The quality of the material and the print is what I love best! They don’t look or feel like they are going to fade after the first wash, and we have tested it, they do retain their look after several washes! Which is excellent news for those of us who have ordered custom printed tees with amazing art, that faded after the first few washes. These tees and tanks from Jordandene are worth the asking price. The enamel pins and sturdy, heavy and vibrant. Great quality!

Does it look good on different body types? 

We definitely believe that they do look good on different body types! None of the photos of our models were altered or provided by the company making the shirts. This is how the shirts actually look on regular people.  We think they look great!

Can you dress it up? 

We had our model Julie dress up the ‘Geek Girl Power’ tank with both the work clothes she had and something a little more casual. We added the label pins for a little flair. Lapel pins are a quote from Agent Carter “I know my value” and a Harry Potter franchise quote “Constant Vigilance”. Honestly, I think the tank and the pins were a win in both looks!



We love them! We love the different fandom quotes, the quality, the different ways to style them! We love that they can be work appropriate and casual. Lets be honest they would probably look great with some yoga pants! Check out some of the other ways we styled these tops and let us know what you think? How would you wear these? To find out more or to shop Jordandene, check out the video and links below!


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