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Temple of Geek Chic: Star Wars Geek Gear from Musterbrand

Hey Party People! Temple of Geek Chic is back today reviewing some crazy cool officially licensed Star Wars geek gear from Musterbrand! Musterbrand has been around since 2010 and since has established a reputation for high quality, chic designs based on some of the biggest franchises in the geek world. They carry lines from STAR WARS, STREET FIGHTER, ASSASSIN’S CREED, HALO, WORLD OF WARCRAFT, and more. Today we will be reviewing three products from their Star wars line, the Rebel Pilot Cape, the Alliance Ladies’ Sweater and the Skywalker Loop Scarf. 


Skywalker Loop Scarf



The Skywalker Loop Scarf is a cotton, infinity style, knit scarf based on the iconic design of Luke Skywalker’s pilot helmet. It comes with a Rebel Alliance badge made of raised silicon.

What we love about it: It looks great and it feels great. It is thick and warm and can be worn a number of different ways. The design is subtle enough to look like an ordinary scarf if you aren’t trying to draw a lot of attention to your love of all things Star Wars. But if you are, then that Rebel Alliance badge feels more like a badge of honor. Showing off exactly how in tune you are with the Force!

How does it feel? Soft, comfy and super warm. It’s thickness is great protection from those cold breezes.

What is the quality like like? Looks strong, sturdy and well made.  Cleaning instructions require gentle washing or dry cleaning to keep it’s shape.

Can you dress it up? The materials and color scheme gives this scarf a more casual look. But I definitely believe it would look dressy with the right pea coat or dressy trench coat.

Overall: We love the different ways you can wear it. It’s warm, cozy and it’s a really subtle way to wave your geek flag!

Skywalker Loop Scarf on Temple Of Geek model Katie York

Alliance Ladies’ Sweater

Source: Musterbrand

This soft knit crew-neck sweater is based on the design of X-Wing-pilot jumpsuits. The ripple knit detail on chest and back as well as the rebel alliance badge, are direct references to the fighter pilots’ outfits. It has a waterfall back with a knitted tie.

What we love about it: The way it hangs but doesn’t cling. It is LONG! Long in the sleeves and long in overall length. We love how flattering it looks.

How does it feel? It is super soft and warm. It is very thin and light but is surprisingly warm. We were very pleased with how it felt and looked.

What is the quality like like? You can tell this is a high quality knit sweater. Well constructed. Even the badge looks like it was applied to last.

Can you dress it up? We lovingly call this the work this one the “work sweater”. I can picture this sweater with a great pair of slacks, making it perfect office attire. Adding a long necklace would also give it a more dressed up feel.

What sizes is it available in? Available from XS to XXL. We definitely recommend taking a look at the size chart before deciding what size works. Our model is shown in a medium and we believe it runs true to size. But everyone has a unique shape, so we recommend always checking sizing charts.

Overall: SO SOFT. Love it.  Love that it can be worn on it’s own with a pair of jeans, leggings or even dress slacks. Throw on a sheer pair of tights and a tight mini skirt and you have a great date night look.  We like how well it pairs with jackets and it’s subtle geek styling. It will keep your alliance well hidden from any Imperial Officers that might be lurking about. If not for the Rebel Allegiance badge, you might not have even known it was a Star Wars inspired look. And even though the description says it is meant to resemble an X-Pilot jumpsuit, we like to think that the waterfall back gives it more of that Admiral Holdo vibe.


Rebel Pilot Cape

This cape is inspired by the rebel pilot jumpsuits in the Star Wars saga. I like to call it the Poe Cape. The bright orange color and rebel alliance badge clearly indicate your allegiance. The ripple knit detail on the front is meant to mirror the chest piece that the pilots wear.

What we love about it: How super versatile this cape is. At first glace you wouldn’t think there was many ways to wear it or style it. But WOW. We fell in love with this one! So much you can do with this it. Each different way of styling it makes it look like a totally different piece. Our model, Cosplay Photographer Katie York, had a great time playing this one up. We found a couple different ways to wear it, poncho style as shown on the website, wrapped criss-cut around the waist, and draped across the shoulder.

How does it feel? Soft. It is thin and soft to the touch.

What is the quality like like? Beautiful quality. Even though this is a light weight cape, it is heavy enough that it hangs very nicely. It is also warmer than it looks. Perfect for those days that are cold in the morning and warmer in the afternoon.  We recommend checking the sizing charts for this cape. The cape is meant to be long, and depending on your height, you may want to be sure it isn’t too long for you.

Can you dress it up? Absolutely. At first the bright orange color might seem a little more casual. But draped over the shoulder it is very elegant looking and a perfect addition for a dressy spring or summer ensemble. It can be worn over dresses, skirts, slacks or even casually with jeans.

Overall: This was our favorite piece. It is the one that resembles Star Wars characters the most, and the most versatile in how you can wear it. This would make a perfect Disney Bound. It is a great comic con outfit and it is perfect out and about in the non geek world.

Rebel Allegiance Badge on back side of the cape

We are grateful to Musterbrand for letting us get an up close look at their products. If you want to learn more about Musterbrand and check out the variety of geeky lines that they carry, you can follow them at the links below. Let us know in the comments which was your favorite style.



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