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Temple of Geek Chic: Styling Your Fandoms

Today we’ve put together some everyday geek styles that you can wear to work, on dates, or just out and about running errands. 

Incorporating my geek love into my everyday wardrobe has always been something I struggled with. You can walk into a convention wearing your fandoms from head to toe and feel right at home. But wearing your fandoms outside of a convention floor wasn’t the easiest for me. Finding geeky clothes that I could wear to work or incorporate into my everyday fashions always felt like a challenge. Most of the time all I could find was a cotton tee with a movie poster graphic in the center. If you struggle with being in love with a not so popular fandom you know it’s pretty impossible to even find merchandise for it. I started looking through Instagram for some inspiration. I searched through and found geek bloggers and cosplayers who really knew how to style their geek. I was inspired by the way they were making geek style so fashionable. Some of it was loud and proud and some of it was subtle and low key. All of it inspired me. I decided to start putting some look ideas for you guys! 

One of the favorite geek fashionistas is Katie York. Her outfit of the day posts on Instagram are always nods to movies, people and characters she loves. Those are so great because they are always outfits that she wears to work. Some of it subtle nods and some of them a loud shout out to her favorite fandoms. This first outfit was a perfect example of that loud and proud look. She is an avid Wonder Woman fan and this t-shirt is perfect. At first glance you don’t immediately realize it is a picture of Wonder Woman. But it is bold enough to make you feel like Wonder Woman. Adding a little extra confidence into your work day! Paired with her floral skirt and moto jacket, it is a perfect combination of feminine and fierce.  

If you want a little extra fandom in your life, accessories like phone cases are a fun way to add a little geek love to your everyday life. 

And though you can’t always wear a tiara to work, it really does complete the look! 

Whenever possible wear your crown like the Queen that you are! 

This next look I like to call the Atomic Babe! I think it’s a perfect date night look! Cosplayer, Julie, was inspired to create this look after having watched The Atomic Blonde. The design on this Engram Clothing Star Wars themed dress is pretty epic.  As we were taking these photos she was getting compliments from strangers on the dress. Also perfect for that convention floor and definitely a fun way to dress up your geek. 

Hat or no hat, this a fun style to wear out. 

Pairing it with these killer boots and some jewelry give it a much more dressed up feel. The studded gloves makes it fierce! 

This next look is actually me. I am very casual in my outfits. I like to be comfortable. I am a 37 year old mom of two. I have a lot of running around and chasing after my kids to do. I can’t always be as dressed up as I once was. But I want to feel confident and feel good about the way I look, so I try not to sacrifice style. For me flat boots, jeans, a cotton blend shirt and sweater are my go to. I always feel a need to wear my geek. I love wearing my fandoms. But I like to wear my geek subtly. I like the low key geek feel. I appreciate when you can’t always tell I am wearing my fandoms. This is why I am a huge fan of  JORDANDENÉ. This Harry Potter themed tank is one of my favorite purchases! Unless you’re a Harry potter fan, you wouldn’t necessarily know that I’m wearing one of my favorite fandoms. 

Pairing this look with a comfortable cotton jacket and some over the knee boots is where I feel most comfortable and confident in my geek. 

It’s exciting what a fun pair of boots will do for your look. 

Wearing fashions from Jordandene was really where I first started to feel like I could start to incorporate geek style into my daily life. Their clothing is pretty versatile when it comes to going from dressy to casual. 

Every once in a while you have to casually remind the world of the Wonder Woman that you are! 

And sometimes we just need to channel our inner Daenerys from Game of Thrones and remind ourselves to BE A DRAGON! These lapel pins add a little flair to your everyday looks. 

Statement shirts are probably some of my favorite! Breaking the stereotypes of what a geek girl or book lover looks like! We come in all shapes, sizes and styles! And we can rock it all! These tees are great with jeans and boots or even some jeans and sneakers. 

And sometimes we just have to use our geek girl power to get us through Monday! So throw in this Geek Girl Power tank under your power suit!


What’s your geek style? Let us know in the comments below. Where do you find your geek style inspiration? 


Monica Duarte

Born and raised under the California sun. Monica can be found around the Southern California comic book and pop culture convention scene. She can usually be seen either behind the lens of her camera or in cosplay. Lover of all things geeks but especially Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Star Trek.