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What Temple of Geek thinks about The Last Jedi Trailer…

Here’s our initial reactions to the trailer…

Brian Lazarow:  Awesome! I’m super hyped! And that Kylo tease at the end? A total trick of editing to mess with the shippers, lol. I’m most excited for the fight between Finn and Captain Phasma!

Stacy Bishop:  It’s the first time in a long time I’ve watched Star Wars and actually felt that foreboding of something terrible coming. I am very excited about this movie, the trailer does a great job of misdirecting the viewer. So much to unpack!

Monica Duarte:  It was so exciting. Left me with a million questions. However, seeing Kylo Ren looking as if he wanted to cry made me nervous! DON’T YOU KILL LEIA!!!! DON’T YOU DO IT KYLO! I SWEAR TO THE MAKER!

Matthew Wells:  I like the addition of Pokemon with the Porgs and the Ice-Fox-things. Story-wise, this has the same grim feel as Empire and I think we’re in store for a genuine threat to the balance of the Force (if only temporarily). Rey suddenly feeling a surge of the Force and not knowing her place paired with Kylo having so much raw power that he can’t reign it in is a great storyline.

Danniel Slade:  The trailer got me pumped for the December 15th release!

Amanda Fox Rosowski:  My initial thought was ooooohh they went a bit tron with the music in the middle there. Also I want a frost fox. Finally, Kylo has resting doucheface. 

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