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Temple of Geek Worst of 2017…

We asked our staff to tell us the worst of 2017…

  • Worst Marvel Moment..

Stacy Bishop The Inhumans in it’s entirety, followed closely by Iron Fist

Jose Vasquez The Inhumans show

Matthew Wells Editorial hinting that declining sales may be from too much character diversity and representation.

Josie Price Yondu’s death

Brian Lazarow The higher ups thinking that sales are down due to too much diversity as opposed to rehashed stories.

Rylie Ann I would have to say I didn’t like Iron Fist all too much…

  • Worst DC Moment…

Stacy Bishop Having to reshoot JL, which may have saved the movie!

Jose Vasquez Superman’s CGI face

Matthew Wells Yet another reboot, preluding yet another reboot, following yet another reboot…

Josie Price Only giving Wonder Woman three solo scene before introducing her male protagonist.

Brian Lazarow Zack Snyder (seriously, why does everyone think he’s such a great director?)

Rylie Ann The CGI hasn’t been too great and altogether they’re trying to be too dark and brooding.


  • Worst Superhero…

Jose Vasquez The Warriors Three

Matthew Wells Honestly, the biggest crime is to be boring, and just about all of them have had a moment or two of that.

Josie Price Batman/Superman

Brian Lazarow Zack Snyder’s interpretation of Batman and Superman

Rylie Ann I have to say Superman just for the Cgi of the mustache…all I see is the face of human Shrek.


  • Worst movie…

Stacy Bishop  I didn’t really see any bad movies this year, but the one I would rank the lowest was Valerian, even though I thought it was inventive and interesting. 

Jose Vasquez Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Plants the trailers looked amazing but the movie was so boring and characters didn’t have chemistry with each other

Matthew Wells Ghost in the Shell. Not because it was actually bad, but it definitely committed the crime of being just boring to me.

Josie Price The Emoji movie

Brian Lazarow Emoji Movie

Rylie Ann The Power Rangers was strangely underwhelming for me this year too


  • Worst geek moment of the year…

Jose Vasquez People getting so angry about the casting of the female Doctor. 

Matthew Wells The scandals of the creators.

Josie Price The sexist treatment of Amazons/Wonder Woman in both Wonder Woman and Justice League.

Brian Lazarow That stupid bikini armor in Justice League.

Rylie Ann I’d have to say one of the worst moments was when quite a few people of the Doctor Who fandom were expressing a dislike for a female Doctor, I try and see the best in people and I don’t see why people wouldn’t want a female doctor.


  • Worst cosplay trend…

Jose Vasquez Cosplayers using Patreon to pay there trips and expenses.

Matthew Wells Personally, it’s the need to combine 9 different fandoms into a single costume. It’s the cosplay equivalent of Guy’s FlavorTown.

Josie Price The rising number of couples wanting to cosplay as Harley Quinn and The Joker.

Rylie Ann Haven’t seen a bad one thus far, but that’s just me.


  • 2017 was the worst because…  

Matthew Wells Everyone has come to believe that their opinion is final and there is no room for discussion.

Josie Price Everyone getting their hopes up about DC changing to only be let down.

Brian Lazarow The DC cinematic universe keeps trying to be so super serious and edgy rather than good and creative. Wonder Woman was the only exception.

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