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Temple Of Geek Chic: Foam Armor Club

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Temple of Geek Chic is back this week reviewing Foam Armor Club. Foam Armor Club offers clothes and accessories for cosplayers! It is not actual cosplay, but clothing made for cosplayers. Tees, tanks, and accessories that speak the language of cosplayers. It’s a Southern California based cosplay lifestyle brand, founded by graphic designer and cosplayer, Erin of E-Rad’s Cantina. Their design speak to the love and struggles of cosplay with slogans like “Death By Con Crunch”  and “Cosplay Makes Me Happy”. This past week we put this brand to the geek test and put their gear on actual cosplayers. 

Right out of the box we thought this brand was a great idea for those who cosplay. But not only is this a great brand for cosplayers but also for cosplay handlers. If you are not familiar with what a cosplay handler is, let me explain. Cosplay Handlers are usually a kind friend of a cosplayer who has volunteered to hang out and help out a cosplayer at a convention or cosplay outing. Costumes very rarely have pockets. Sometimes the bulky construction of a costume makes it impossible for cosplayers to carry a purse or bag. And even if you can, pulling out your cell phone, keys or wallet with gloves on or armor on is very difficult. Cosplayers are often stopped and asked to pose for photos, so if they are carrying a ton of stuff, it takes a moment for them to set all their stuff down so that they can pose for photos. A cosplay handler is a true gift in these situations. They can help with carrying stuff, taking photos, adjusting costumes, and so much more. They are the unsung heroes of cosplay. Foam Armor Club plays tribute to cosplay handlers with “Official Cosplay Handler” merch. Like the Dad Hat pictured above and even more stuff listed on their website.  These would make an excellent gift for the cosplay handler in your life.

What we love about it: Two things. First, the fact that all their designs are unisex and second, for me personally, it is the language of the designs. The tees really speak to me. I have played the roll of cosplayer, cosplay handler and cosplay photographer. Their products speak to all of that.

The “Death by Con Crunch” Tee is one of my favorites. Cosplayers know the struggle of trying to finish cosplays the night before the con. Some times working on cosplays in the parking lot of a convention center before walking into the con itself.


The “Cosplay Makes Me Happy” and “Cosplayin’ Looking Cute AF” speak for themselves. These are definitely going to make my list of Holiday gift ideas for cosplayers. Perfect for showing your geek pride on a day to day basis but also for those days when you want to walk the convention floor in your civies (civilian clothes).

Foam Weapons Not Real Weapons” feels like a cosplayer call to action. It seems so perfect and fitting for our current political climate and represents the importance of safety at conventions as well. This tote bag really stood the cosplay test. We took it out with us for a shoot that lasted several hours. We used it to carry A LOT of our stuff, and we were digging in and out of it all day. We had it pretty packed and it held up well. The bag is light but sturdy.

“Cos-Slay” is a fun little play on words! I’m telling you guys, this brand speaks the language of cosplay!

How does it feel? Soft. Comfy. The way shirts should feel. Love it.

What is the print like? The T-shirt quality is excellent and the design was wonderfully printed on it. The Tank Top, while not  as soft as the tee, was still soft and the print design looked great on it. Design also printed clearly and nicely on the tote bag. The embroidered Dad Hat and Beanie was a nice touch.

Does it look good on different body types? Absolutely. I liked that the t-shirts weren’t too tight but also weren’t wide. They were a comfortable relaxed fit.  They were also long! I feel like long tees tend to be a little more flattering on all body types. I recommend you check the size chart before ordering to be sure you get the best size for you.

Can you dress it up?

I probably would have said that I’m not sure that these are meant to be dressed up. But Foam Armor Club posted this photo on their Instagram account and proved me wrong.

What did our cosplayers have to say about them?

I liked them. They were cute, comfy and relatable. – Je-c Downing 

I think its awesome that there is clothing related to cosplay for both men and women. I also really love the fabric used for the t-shirts. Super soft. –Allison

Overall: We all loved the stuff we got to try on! We highly recommend these as gifts for the Cosplay enthusiast in your life. Check out more of their clever designs over at  https://foamarmorclub.com. You can also check out their social media links below!

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