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Temple Of Geek Chic: Lorica

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Temple of Geek Chic is back this week with Lorica! Lorica (Lorica which means armor in Latin) is a fashion brand that creates modern garments designed to mimic historical armor. The armor designs undergo a painstaking process to provide unique accuracy and detail. Every item in their collections is ethically made in the USA with fabrics derived from recycled plastic water bottles. We didn’t even realize that making clothing from recycled water bottles was a thing! Not only is Lorica a one-woman show run and created by Elie Hutchinson, but all the manufacturing partners are US-based, woman-owned businesses as well.  We are inspired by the thought and the effort that Elie has put into her business.

How it all started

Elie has a great story about her love of armor and what inspired her to start her own business. “Ever since I paged through my brother’s Dungeons and Dragons manuals as a kid, I’ve been smitten with images of epic heroes and flashing steel. If I had my way, I’d just wear full plate armor casually in my daily life. And in the last couple years, as I watched the offerings of dye sublimated apparel grow, I realized that maybe I could get pretty close to that goal. I was inspired to combine my loves of fantasy, history, and all things geeky by replicating real suits of armor onto modern garments, so anyone can roll up to the grocery store 15th century-style. The clothes we wear have always been a sort of “armor” to face our daily challenges: why not empower everyone, especially women, to conquer their unique battles?”


Source: HBO

Their hoodies are their newest addition to their collection.  This Mail hoodie is stunning. Mail (chain mail) is a type of armor consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh.  The mail can be seen worn under armor on television shows like Game of Thrones. The hoodie is lightweight but surprisingly warm. We love that the print lines the inside of the hood. Completing that under armor look. The print is subtle and at first glance you don’t instantly realize that it is made to replicate chain mail armor. But when you take a close look, you can see the detail and the quality in the design of the print. You can tell this isn’t something that was just thrown together. This print design was carefully thought out. This makes for a great everyday jacket. Not too loud but definitely shows your geek side pride!





What we love about their leggings? HIGH WAISTED! AND THEY COME IN PLUS SIZES!  The designs are great and vary. We paired the with a pair of cute boots and some casual sneakers. They look great either way. I have no doubt they would look super cute with a pair of heels and a dressy top. Making them appropriate for any situation. The legging are comfortable an stretchy. But even though they do provide stretch , it’s best to check the size chart to make sure you are getting the size that is right for you. Too much stretch and you will loose the clarity and sharpness of the design.  Elie was not kidding around when she told us about the painstaking details she put into every design. Even the back of the leggings are as close to historically accurate as you can get.



Their dresses are comfortable, and their fit is well cut. This skater dress style is very flattering. I love the shading on the design. It gives it that authentic ready for battle feel. Can you imagine wearing this to a Renaissance Faire? Everyone would want to know where you got it! Cute and lightweight, but heavy enough that it doesn’t cling to you. This dress screams “I AM MY OWN KNIGHT IN SHINNING ARMOR!” Like with the legging, these dresses provide plenty of stretch, but it is always best to check the size chart. With this dress you definitely want to take a look at the length as well and make sure it is right for you. The detail on the back of the dress is just as ornate as the front. This dress is a lot of fun!




What did our model think:

The design of the print was really cool and definitely made you feel like you were ready for battle. It was so cool that you almost wish the pattern was on the inside of the sweater as well, on the body portion the way it is on the hood or lined with a gray fabric, because the white interior doesn’t do it justice. It almost demands to be zipped up all the way for full appreciation. The hoodie fabric was warm, comfortable and very soft. The elastic bands on the sleeves were slightly taller than a usually sweater but weren’t uncomfortable and kind of added an interesting flair to the sweaters unique design. All in all, I’m ready to storm the castle in this awesome armor (hoodie).







I’d say dress is flowy , soft and comfortable. Highly recommend it! –Dee 









To find out more about Lorica or to shop their products, you can visit them at their website, or on their social media below:

A lot of my reference material comes from the web, but whenever I can I try to see armors in person to get a 360 degree understanding of their construction and design. Back when I originally combed @metarmsandarmor for inspiration, I would crawl behind all the display cases I could to get a gander at the knightly booties, since I had never considered the back of the armor. I was kind of surprised to learn that the back of the leg was often unarmored, at least in cavalry configurations, but it makes sense: sitting a horse on a plate of steel would be a bad time for everyone. 😝 _____ #loricaclothing #armor #leggings #printedleggings #medieval #medievalworld #history #nerdygirl #geekgirl #geekfashion #nerdfashion #geeky

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