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Temple of Geek Chic: The Colorful Geek

Temple of Geek Chic is back this week with a selection of tops from The Colorful Geek. The Colorful Geek provides chic apparel and accessories printed and designed by hand in New York City. When Elena of The Colorful Geek discovered the Harry Potter Fandom in 2007, she had no idea that it would put her on the path to creating her own business. When she attended her first Harry Potter convention, like many of us, she started preparing for it by looking online to find a cute Harry Potter themed shirt she could wear to the convention. To her disappointment there wasn’t anything she really liked. She headed to her local craft store and purchased a letter stamping kit and some cheap tank tops from Target. It was the first of many fandom shirts she would go on to make. A year later, Elena and her then boyfriend entered a logo contest for a local Harry Potter group. Their design was not chosen but she decided to make the logo they designed into T-shirts for herself. Months later after their breakup, she decided to take a screen printing class as a way to distract herself. From their she was well on her way to starting her own business. To quote Elena directly “Breakups are hard, but sometimes you get an accidental business out of them!”

Initial Thoughts

When we first took a look at The Colorful Geek our initial thoughts were “ALL THE FANDOMS!” They have such a wide range of fandoms that they cater to. You can find items paying tribute to Doctor Who, Star Wars, Parks and Recreation, vintage 90’s movies and more! In their shop they carry a wide assortment of T-shirts, tanks, pins and tote bags! All of them a call out to a beloved fandom. These shirts are perfect for the convention floor, for running errands and even for your daily workout. They are subtle in their designs but bold in their statement! They let the world know what you love and that you wear what you love with pride.

Fit and Comfort

COMFY COMFY COMFY! I probably can not stress this enough. All of the tops were made from soft lightweight fabrics. The fit on all the items we tried on was loose and comfy. I want a blanket and sheets made from these shirts. Cuddly and soft is a huge win when it comes to T-shirts.

Print Quality

The screen printing is clear and stands out!

Jurassic Park Movie Quote


The styles that we tried were loose and comfy. They were not tight fitting. The material hung nicely. In their shop they carry men’s, women’s and unisex cuts. The shirts they screen print on had different vendor labels on them, so I suggest always checking the sizing chart for each item before ordering.

Style Options

These shirts are comfortable enough to wear with your favorite pair of pajama bottoms and cute enough to pair with your favorite mini skirt. The options in styling all come down to your own personal style. You can wear them with a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts or even a skater skirt. We think they look great either way.


We love the comfort and style! But the thing we love most is the fandom statements they make. We love the way this company puts their spin on the fandoms we grew up on, as well as the fandoms that are popular right now. We love that it’s a shop where you can find a tank for a 90’s movie like The Craft, in the same place you can get a t-shirt from the television series Parks and Reaction. Especially when items in their shop quote lines you find yourself using or referencing often.

I mean, even Doctor Who’s Ingrid Oliver gave them the seal of approval! What’s not to love!

Their tops speak to what is going on in our society and give it some geek flare!

Reactions from a few of our models:

It had me at Meat Tornado – Doc_in_the_box








WOW! These are so soft! They feel so comfy!









For more from The Colorful Geek you can visit their website, https://www.thecolorfulgeek.com, or follow them on Social Media!




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