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Temple of Geek Reviews Wood Boy Dog Fish

Apparently I’m turning into an artsy fartsy geek because I’m seriously starting to love live theater and after watching Wood Boy Dog Fish, you’ll start to feel the same way too. Wood Boy Dog Fish is a darker and more adult retelling of the classic story of Pinocchio.

Set in the fictional town of Shoreside, pretty much a tourist trap set around the legend of the dogfish who’s is said to prey on people’s fears. The puppet maker, Gepetto, is down on his luck and reduced to being a drunkard who makes puppets for the Fire Eater, the owner of the Dog Fish puppet show that runs nightly in Shoreside.

The show itself is a visual wonderland with vibrant colors that are seamlessly paired with the dark tones of the play. The players interact with the audience and even give candy and drink tickets to the crowd. It’s pretty neat. There’s even a sequence where 3D glasses are required for the full effect of what’s being presented to you.

If you know the story of Pinocchio, forget what you’ve been taught from it. Wood Boy Dog Fish is a brand new way of telling the stories we grew up with and you can tell exactly that when you think he story is going one way and hen takes a sharp turn another way. The characters are engaging and you will find yourself emotionally attached to a few of them and then find yourself almost to tears when things turn into something you may see in an episode of Game of Thrones.

Wood Boy’s journey throughout this play is that of self discovery. Finding out who you are and where you fit into the world. When you take the time to get to know these characters and what they’ve been through, you’ll reach the end feeling like you’ve made new friends and discovered something new about yourself as well. Definitely go check out this play if you’re in the Los Angeles area.

Wood Boy Dog Fish is playing at the Garry Marshall Theater in Burbank thru June 24, get your tickets now by clicking the link below. You’ll have a great time.



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