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The Big Shake-up. What is Marvel Planning?

Before I get started, I would like to state on record that the information laid out before here within these words are clearly fan speculation. There has been no announcement, no secrets obtained at the cost of Bothan’s lives, and definitely no hints.

The Marvel Universe is being destroyed! Those are the words that have been appearing on news sites since Tuesday. But what does this mean? What is Marvel planning? Marvel posted their comments on Twitter Tuesday.

In May, Marvel is getting ready to release their new project “Secret Wars.” This is Marvel’s new annual “crisis” event where all the heroes must stop some sort of impending doom. This time Marvel is saying that all the universes will be destroyed and a new one will be born. SecretWars

Enter Battleworld, the stage that is being set for this crisis. Battleworld consists of alternate universes colliding with one another. We are going to seeing universes from stroylines such as Age of Apocalypse, House of M, 2099, and others. So that is what we know. We know that the event will bring forth some sort of “new” Marvel Universe. We have known for quite some time now that Miles Morales’ Spider-man would be taking up residence in the 616. But what is going to happen to some of Marvel’s other properties? Most importantly, why are they doing this shakeup? Let us take a look at the last several years. Marvel has been building a cinematic universe on the big and small screens. We have ten Marvel films that share the same universe with two more being released this year. Marvel has three properties that belong to other companies at the moment. Spider-man, owned by Sony Pictures and Fantastic Four and X-Men, Owned by Fox. Marvel wants these properties to come back home. I feel that we are getting close to a deal with Sony Pictures and Spider-man. And I am confident that we will be seeing ol’ Webhead soon next to the Avengers. But what about the Fantastic Four and X-Men? I foresee Fantastic Four coming back to Marvel very soon. In fact, I will go on record and state right here that if the Fantastic Four movie fails, expect to see the property back in Marvel’s hands. The X-Men, however, is a different story.

The X-Men is a lucrative property at the box office. Marvel knows that as long as Fox is making money off of these characters, they will not get them back. Marvel has been making some strategic decisions when it comes to their comic characters that Fox owns. For instance, Fantastic Fours title comic was canceled. We also got official word that Deadpool will be getting canceled, this news coming slightly after the announcement of a Deadpool film. When it comes to the X-Men though, Marvel can’t just cancel their titles. They are after all, one of Marvel’s best-selling comics.

Marvel is getting ready to destroy their universe and make a new one. What if, in this new universe, Mutants did not exist? Marvel is getting ready to promote the Inhumans like crazy. They have already been introduced on Marvel’s Agents of Shield and they are getting their own movie in 2015. What if Marvel plans to wipe out all Mutants and just have an Inhumans populated universe?


It does not see that far-fetched. Let’s look at the clues that Marvel has been leaving us. IN the recently released Axis #7, it was learned that Magneto was not Wanda’s and Pietro’s father after all. Does this mean that Quicksilver and the Scarlett Witch are not Mutants?

Axis 7

Could it be possible that Marvel is planning on re-launching this universe with the plans to nix the X-Men? If that was case, what would happen to characters like Wolverine and Cyclops? I believe that Marvel has the creative ability to create a newer versions of those classic characters that would constitute as a new character completely. This in turn would give Marvel the rights to use their newly created characters how they choose.

I mean, it is not a complete stretch of the imagination that Marvel would do something that. Look at what they did to Captain America and Thor this year. The Marvel Universe is getting ready for some big changes and I believe Marvel has big plans to get their family back. Again, this is clearly my speculation and my version of what I see happening.

What do you think is getting ready to happen with Marvel? Please feel free to comment below.

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