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The Doctor Who Experience

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I was able to visit the wonderful Doctor Who Experience on March 20th in Cardiff, Wales. One of my highlights over the years of going to the UK the other being the Harry Potter studios. The DW experience is one worth visiting for all fans of the show either young or older.

When I looked up how to get to the experience I had a few different reports from people and the website just gives general directions. You can get to Cardiff either by plane, train or automobile (if you get the movie reference then we can be friends) my old college friend and I took a train from London to Cardiff Central. From there either get a taxi outside the train station or go well behind the station walking to the right and around to where you can find a bus stop. Cross the street to the left side to catch the #6 bus follow the City Centre – Central Station – County Hall – Cardiff Bay – Porth Teigr (Roath Lock BBC Studios) it drops you off right there and it is a short 10 minute ride. Make sure to have exact change for the bus 3.60GBP for a round trip pass. By taxi a bit more in price. As for tickets, you can either buy ahead online or purchase at the door for not much more. It cost at the door 16GBP which is about $24.00 USD depending on the currency exchange rate.

Enough of those details now for the fun stuff. When you walk in there is a main lobby with a tiny cafe to eat at. A few Daleks and other villains along with a Tardis.

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There are two parts to the DW experience. The first part is the experience the second part is the exhibition. My group surprisingly had more adults than kids. It did help I went during the school day. They take you through a door and place you in a room then hand out a lanyard with a “crystal” that lights up throughout. Instructions are given on a screen about the adventure you are about to embark on. With that, you go into the next room which has the set from inside the depths of the Tardis. Watch a video with the current Doctor explaining (he is with you throughout) what is going on with the guide helping out. Then the doors of the Tardis open up yes it is bigger on the inside. You are then inside the Tardis from an older set. Having to then interact with the video and guide ‘landing’ the Tardis. From there into another room that has some Daleks. The goal is for the group to collect crystals in the adventure to help get rid of some sort of octopus alien. They take you then through to another larger room to navigate through the Weeping Angels to find another crystal. The final room then takes you to a set that looks very similar to the very first Doctor landing in the dump yard where are the crystals are placed. YAY, you help save the world from the octopus creatures. Now I’m not going into extreme detail only because I don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone who gets to go. The experience runs about 25 minutes. Oh, you can’t take pictures during which is fine.

After saving the world or universe, I can’t actually remember, to be honest. You are then taken to the exhibition which has sets and costumes. Best to take as many pictures as possible in there which I did, of course. I did see some sets and costumes as recent as the Christmas episode from last year. They do have a Dalek with just half of it so you can see what it looks like on the inside. Come to find out I can fit perfectly inside one without the need to crouch down. I’m sure the poor actors would love to hear that I’m short enough for that as they have to sit uncomfortably inside them during filming. Also, You can take your time as there are two levels to see. Ending in the gift shop which I have to say was a letdown. Not as much stuff to buy and you can find some better things online. Overall, it was worth going to for every fan of the show. On the way back to the train station, you can see where Tourchwood’s location is. The location is within view distance of the experience and BBC studio. I will include more personal photos. If ever in the UK take a moment to nerd out at the Doctor Who Experience.

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