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The Flash 1×12 “Crazy For You”

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Just a note: I enjoy The Flash, I watch it live and often live tweet as well, I keep up with the promos and tidbits that get dropped by various Executive Producers but it is not my “show”. I love the Flash because it is like going to the fair after the angst fest that is Arrow, but let us be honest here I live for the angst and romantic tension and Flash just does not do it for me. Do I still enjoy it: definitely, do I look at it more objectively than Arrow: definitely.  Here is what I liked and disliked about The Flash 1×12. (Also shout-out to the Flash fandom for trending 4 topics worldwide yesterday!) Disliked 1. The villains storyline I really only have one complaint about this episode (but it did affect the entirety of the episode). Within the standard format of a 40 min television drama there is typically a catalyst at the beginning of the episode that sets the trajectory for the remainder of said episode and often for The Flash that the catalyst has anything to do with Barry’s identity as “The Flash” (though not always). In this episode, it is broken in at the prison that is a round about catalyst for the events of the rest of the episode. Nevertheless, this was not a vital part of the story. If you take a look at some of thebest moments throughout the episode (all of the Barry and Caitlin moments, Cisco’s interactions with Hartley and the consequences of those interactions, the stabbing of Henry Allen and the conversation with Barry as a result) you will notice that all of these scenes and interactions could have easily occurred without the Villain of the week. If you had taken that aspect out, and emphasised the Pied Piper arc and just left the rest as it was you probably would have had a solid episode. Right now we are heading into the back half of the season, which means there is often more emphasis placed on the overall arc and that tends to be explored far mare once you are past episode 10. So this episode felt disjointed overall, and I definitely think that they could have explored the Peek-a-Boo arc in much greater depth than they did.   Liked 1. Drunk Caitlin While I do not think the The Flash and Arrow are comparable shows there is a noticeable difference in the tones of the respective shows, and the Flash is certainly the lighter of the two shows. However, one thing I had noticed is that Caitlin is understandably reserved, and you do not often see her smile that much about something that is not related to her work (Barry address this in the first episode). Needless to say I was excited to see a lighter and carefree side of Caitlin in the form of drunk Caitlin, and I was not disappointed, I spent most of the time either laughing at Barry’s shocked face when Caitlin walked into the bar or Caitlin’s bad drunk singing and complaints about her dress.   2. Barry and Caitlin Unlike Arrow I do not have any one ship that I like and I want to end up together. I like Barry and Iris together and I like Barry and Caitlin together, it is as simple as that. However the relationship between Barry and Caitlin is probably one of my favourites on the show, and I do not necessarily mean that as a romantic relationship. First of all they share a lot of mutual respect for each other both professionally and personally and they also both understand what is like to not be with the person they love (at this stage it is Barry not being able to be with Iris and Caitlin is unable to be with Ronnie) which for any person is tough, so that shared bond is incredibly powerful. Whilst they were not necessarily  “romantic” moments the little things Barry did like: holding her hair back when she vomited, helping her get dressed (while looking away!!) and staying with her until she fell asleep. This really shows how much of a gentleman Barry Allen is and is a pretty good explanation why Barry is shipped with everybody. 2. Joe/Barry/Henry(Barry’s Dad) If you follow me on twitter, you will know that I love the relationship Joe and Barry share, they are best buddies but Joe is not just his friend, he is also like Barry’s second father. So I loved the dynamic in both the crime scene (the jail cell) and when Joe goes with Barry to see his father.   3. Grant Gustin Singing Ahh dear, there is not really much to say to this other than: Grant Gustin, please keep singing.   4. Teleportation Mythology While I disliked the general “villain” storyline of the show I did enjoy that they introduced a whole new dimension to explore. I was a little disappointed that they did not explore it as much as I think they could have in the episode, but I hope as a result they will explore it further in the future. 5. Cisco I liked Hartley last week, mainly because he told Dr Wells off, but this week nuh-uh. He is manipulative and using the pain of the Ronnie’s “death” to get he wants, namely to escape. I was annoyed however, that Cisco lets the Pied Piper escape, but I was not surprised, and it was not entirely Cisco’s fault.   6. The scene between Barry and his dad. Mush, that is all I really have to say about this scene, it turned me to mush. Really though, i loved how they handled this scene, it did not feel forced. Henry (Barry’s Dad) obviously pieced two and two together and worked out that Barry is the Flash, but he does not force it on Barry and demand to know why he did not tell him. Instead. he just says that “if” his son was the Flash, that he should stay safe and that he is proud of him, I have no doubt in my mind that he knows Barry is the Flash.   7. Linda Park I am loving Malese Jow’s as Linda Park and although we did not get to see much of her this episode I like her already and looking forward to seeing her more in upcoming episodes. Coming Up Next: gif + images sourced from the following: Barry and Caitlin singing, in Caitlin’s apartment, Linda Park and Peek-a-Boo, Barry and his Dad, Cisco, Barry and Joe.