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The Flash 1×14 “Fallout” Recap

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Another week, and another jam-packed Flash episode, and this weeks episode blew my mind. We had time-travel, Gorilla Grood, FIRESTORM, snowstorm, Barry’s mothers murder, Reverse Flash and the military, a few minutes into the episode with so many elements introduced I was worried it was going to feel cramped and overdone, but to my surprise and happiness it was not. Kudos to the Flash Writers for this episode: Keto Shimizu & Ben Sokolowski

The Fallout

After last weeks heart racing cliffhanger we were all left wondering what the heck in world was going to happen. If like me you indulge yourself in spoilers you would know that Ronnie Raymond made it out alive in some way shape or form. However I was sceptical that everything was going to go well and Caitlin and Ronnie could live happily ever after. This is the CW we are talking about people. I loved this episode but it was mind bending, absolutely mind bending. I love time travel storylines I do, and I can get me head around multiple dimensions but this episode was insane to try and get my head around!!



Up until this point in the season Caitlin has being very reserved and then Ronnie came back as just Ronnie (well sort of just Ronnie 😉 ) and she became far more lively and bubbly than I ever expected. I knew everything was just a little too good to be true though when we had 2 kisses within the first half hour, that just doesn’t happen on a regular basis in the Flash/Arrow universe unless, unless something terrible is about to happen. So like I thought it wasn’t all nice and peachy in Snowstorm land. Ronnie is still connected to Martin Stein and the military is after them so off into the night they go to evade the power hungry military. I personally loved the scene where they’re all standing on the front steps of the Steins house and Caitlin glances over at Mrs Stein, there is such compassion in her eyes. Caitlin is filled with goodness and this just shown through in this scene, she wasn’t thinking about the fact that Ronnie was leaving (again) nope, she was looking out for Mrs Stein.


I am 100% certain that everybody loves Cisco (I mean how could you not) he is like on of us: unabashedly nerdy, quoting and referencing things all the time (I caught three different nerd movie references plus a little shoutout to Friends). He keeps everyone laughing and brings a comedic element to the show which I don’t think would work to the same extent in another show like Arrow.

Iris – Investigative Storyline

Ahhhhh, this storyline is making me nervous. Iris makes a great journalist because she has the perfect combination of determination, charm and curiosity. Now I am all for finding out the truth about what happened at STAR Labs but I’m worried about the repercussions for everybody if Iris finds out and maybe gets the wrong end of the story. I don’t believe that STAR Labs exploding was a coincidence (Dr Wells is way to shady for it to be so), so I’m hoping Iris’ investigation will shed and she will learn the truth about Barry.

Reverse Flash

Doctor Wells was upping the shady levels this week (seriously that ice cube ???), he creeps me out in more ways than one, but it’s mainly because he has the perfect facade set up to fool everybody around him into trusting him (with the exception of Joe West and Oliver Queen), which means that if he turns on the team or any of it’s members it’s likely to be unexpected. The promo for 1×15 may have left me with my mouth hanging open in shock because it’s being set up to look like people are going to find out Dr Wells secret (that he is the Reverse Flash). This however indicates to me that if the STAR Labs team find out that Dr Wells is the Reserve Flash this quickly then there is much more to the story than the fandom may anticipate. This is also the first episode where we have seen Dr Wells in the Reserve Flash suit, showing off his face.



I’m not a comic book person, no I will rephrase that: I didn’t start reading or paying any attention to comic books until after I started watching The Flash, so I’m not yet completely familiar with the back story surrounding Gorilla Grodd. I am aware that there is a great deal of excitement surrounding the introduction of the “character” (can you call him that?) but I haven’t had a chance to research any of the significance behind it yet. SO bear with me.


Are you going to be able to endure the three week hiatus?