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The Flux Capacitors – An Interview That Will Take You Back to the….1980s

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What do you get when you combine Rock & Roll and Pop ballads from the 1980’s and Back to the Future?


Photo Provided by: The Flux Capacitors

The Flux Capacitors is a Back to the Future themed 80’s Tribute Band from Southern California. About a week ago, I sat down with this talented group of fellas to get the 411 on how the band was formed, how The Flux Capacitors became the Official Band of the We’re Going Back – Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Celebration back in October 2015 (Click here to read more), and what it’s like being in a band. Oh…did these guys have some stories to tell.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for the band when they encounter some of the more interesting people who populate show venues? Well, here are some additional stories The Flux Capacitors shared with us during their interview.


Clearly The Flux Capacitors have had a variety of experiences during their 2.5 years of performing.

The Flux Capacitors are phenomenal musicians who are quite unique in my opinion. If you have not seen them live I highly recommend that you do. If you are resident of California, this band is well worth the trip to come and see. The band has two shows coming up this week and probably more in the very near future.

Be sure to visit their website -> http://www.thefluxcapacitors.com

Like them on Facebook . Follow them on Twitter & Instagram (@fluxcapacitors).

Check out their music on YouTube, Soundcloud, & Reverbnation (Flux Capacitors Band)

Also if you have The Netflix, make sure you watch Back in Time: A Back to the Future Documentary which The Flux Capacitors are in (of course).

If social media isn’t enough for you, then you could always attend one their live shows. The Flux Capacitors frequently play at 80’s Bars around Southern California, but I know for a fact that they are looking to travel outside their neighborhood.


Hopefully, everyone gets the opportunity to hear them play live and who knows maybe you can get an awesome picture with them. I know I was jumping at the chance to hold that snazzy Hoverboard and take a picture with them. (Just so everyone knows it was so hard to give them back that Hoverboard, Tyler was watching me like a hawk, just kidding kind of)

The Flux Capacitors Booth at Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2015

Lastly, I would like to thank Ryan, Tyler, Brian, Jonas, and Sheldon for taking the time to meet with me 3 separate times to get this interview, it was worth it. I really enjoyed getting to know you guys. I look forward to seeing you guys perform again.

Additionally, I would like to thank Chelsea Pommerening for all that amazing interview footage and for spending 2 days with me in front of the computer creating this fabulous interview.

Photo Credit: All Photos used in this article and in the above interviews were provided by The Flux Capacitors, with the exception of the photos I took myself.

Music Credit: All Music in the above videos are Covers of popular 80s songs Performed live by The Flux Capacitors

Concert/Rehearsal Footage Credit: Recorded by Katie Penix

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