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The New Adventures of Peter + Wendy Season 2!

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Do you love the story of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling? Have you seen all the movies and read the book? Also how do you feel about YouTube vlog-style novel adaptations, like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved?

Well if you love Peter Pan and Wendy and you have seen all the movies and read the book and you LOVE vlog-style novel adaptations then I have a show for you….



This YouTube series is a modernized vlog-style adaptation of J M Barrie’s novel Peter and Wendy. This series is everything one could want in a romantic comedy. I know I loved every moment and I couldn’t wait for the next episode to be posted. Episodes were posted twice a week for a total of 24 episodes.

As excited as I am about this series, you are all probably wondering what it is about besides the obvious…

All of Season 1 is available for your viewing pleasure on their YouTube -> click here

Now the real reason I made this post……… SEASON 2 IS STARTING ON JUNE 12th!!!!!!!!!

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Clearly I am excited! Episodes will be posed twice a week on Friday’s and Saturday’s starting June 12th!

Just when you think things can’t get more exciting….. A new trailer was released today by Nerdist.com (Click it PLEASE YOU NEED TO SEE THE TRAILER) which revealed the actor who will be portraying Peter Pan’s arch-nemesis…. HOOK!

Hook will be portrayed by Percy Daggs III from Veronica Mars and iZombie. I am so excited to see how this actor takes on this role!


I know right! So awesome, but I can tell you just aren’t excited enough yet. How about I tell you who some of the other new characters are?


OKAY ALL RIGHT I’LL TELL YOU…. No need to shout.

Mr. George Darling will be portrayed by….. JIM BEAVER (as in Supernatural‘s Jim Beaver, YES INDEED)


Smee will be portrayed by Satya Bhabha from New Girl


And Billy Jukes will be portrayed by Meghan Camarena (Strawburry17)


I hope you are now as excited as I am for Season 2 of The New Adventures of Peter + Wendy

Be sure to watch Season 1 so you are ready to fly before June 12th.

Click here to fly on over to their YouTube to watch Season 1 & become a Neverlandian

Trust me it is worth.

Until next time my friends…. Keep flying toward the second star to the right and straight on til’ morning


Katie has a Master’s in Psychology from the University of Hartford and is a former Cast Member of the Disneyland Resort. She was introduced to the world of movies by her father at a very young age and has been a fan ever since. She has a deep love for Jane Austen novel adaptations, Period Dramas, and YouTube vlog-style novel adaptations. She also geeks out over Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, Disney, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, In the Flesh, Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, Jurassic Park and Foreign Films. Lastly, Katie loves the theatre, music, novels, Disneyland, college football, baseball, and cycling.