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Photo By: Katharine Penix

The Original Picture Car from Back to the Future has been Refurbished and has a NEW HOME!

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On Saturday, April 23rd, my friend Maria and I attended a party to celebrate the official induction of the Original Picture Car from Back to the Future into the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA. In case you are confused, a picture car is the proper name for a vehicle used in a movie or tv show.

The DeLorean was in pretty rough shape when it was removed from its original home at the Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot. Due to the recent expansions and the cars rough shape, the DeLorean needed a new home. Thankfully Joe Walser and his Time Machine Restoration Team swooped in and took the DeLorean off Universal’s hands and restored her to her former glory!

And boy oh boy is she a sight for sore eyes!!!!!

Source: Back to the Future
Source: Back to the Future

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Yep she’s a beauty!

Of course it would not be a Back to the Future party without an 80’s themed Enchantment Under the Sea Dance with performances by the Back to the Future themed 80’s tribute band The Flux Capacitors and Missing Persons.

Here is a snippet of their performance that night!

This one was for you Prince… RIP 🙁

Apparently I didn’t record any video of Missing Persons playing….. Ugh Sorry. They were amazing though.

It was quite the party and it was wonderful to see The Flux Capacitors and Missing Persons perform!

If you are interested in checking out the Petersen Automotive Museum just visit their website to purchase tickets and get directions.

If you enjoyed The Flux Capacitors check out their Facebook Page & Website. I did an interview with them a few months back check that out below.

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Source: Back to the Future 3
Source: Back to the Future 3