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Geeks Are Hot For Thanos, Venom and The Lost In Space Robot

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The newest geeky heartthrobs are confusing the internet. These internet boyfriends will most likely leave you on read but no one seems to mind. There have been a storm of tweets circulating about how attractive these unlikely new internet boyfriends are. Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War is apparently our favorite bad guy to love. After the Venom trailer dropped this week, people were more interested in how hot Venom was than how good the movie will be. And apparently, people are thinking that Netflix is intentionally making their Robot sexy in their new series Lost In Space.

“You thirsty geeks! Venom would bite your face off.” – Stacy Bishop. But y’all don’t seem to mind.

Apparently Thanos is so thicc we can turn our eyes away to his other flaws. Like you know, being the absolutely worst. Yeah, I saw what you did in Infinity War! Still not ok with you Thanos!

Lost our minds over the Lost In Space robot. Even Netflix had to call people out.

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