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Thoughts I Had While Watching the Game of Thrones Finale (Spoilers… Duh!)

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SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!! But seriously it’s been a week.


1. I couldn’t help but watch Battle of the Bastards again…. Farewell Ramsay Snow…. SO HAPPY YOU ARE GONE!

2. As excited as I am to watch this entire episode, I am dying to see the Stark Direwolf on Winterfell during the opening credits.

3. Season recap…. Damn so much happened this season.

4. Opening Credits time….. AND THERE IT IS!!!!!!!! The Stark’s of Winterfell have come home!

Opening Creds

5. The Wall is back in the opening credits…. what does that mean?

6. Oh Damn…. Are we going to Dorne tonight?????

7. This trial is going to be ridiculous. The High Sparrow is going to wish he’d kept Trial by Combat.

8. Cersei is going to do something I feel it in my bones. She will not be going down without a fight.

9. Cersei’s current clothing choice looks like armor.

GoT S6E10(1)

10. Ugh… Grand Maester Pycelle. Does anyone else want to see this man die besides me??

11. Poor Loras Tyrell, this man can’t catch a break. Let the man just live his life as he sees fit.

12. Was the forehead carving necessary??? Come on, that’s just rude.

13. Oh my damn. The Mountain just stopped Tommen from leaving his room. That is a very bad sign.

14. I am losing it right now. What is going to happen? I can’t handle the anticipation.

15. Lancel is off to fetch the Queen Mother. That’s what he thinks.

16. One of Qyburn’s “little birds” has been sent for Pycelle.

17. Oh yeah just follow the shady child down into the dungeon. OH DAMN!!! Lancel is gonna die.

18. Qyburn was waiting for Pycelle. DUDE….Pycelle is gonna die!!!! #ByeFelicia

19. Oh damn. Pycelle is Py-gone…. THANK YOU!!!!!

Source: HBO
Source: HBO

20. This show has turned me into a violent person I think? Nah….

21. Apparently getting stabbed by children is a thing tonight.

22. WAIT!!!! Is that??? Oh crap. That is totally Wildfire. What in the 7 hells is going on?

23. Queen Margaery knows something is up. She has no idea.


25. The High Sparrow is a moron. Listen to the Queen. She knows something is up. Everyone is going to die.

26. Burning Candles √, Pools of Wildfire √… yep everyone is going to die.

27. Oh there’s that look of OH CRAP on the High Sparrow’s face…. Sorry ’bout it too late.


Source: HBO
Source: HBO

29. Cersei just murdered most of King’s Landing and she’s all “hmmmm…. delicious wine”

Source: HBO
Source: HBO

30. Is Cersei wine boarding the Shame Nun??? Yep she is. She’s been waiting all season to get back at her.

31. So in case you were wondering, Cersei is the new Mad King. And she just confessed everything. Well…. she crazy!

32. Oh the Shame Nun will meet the gods, but not until The Mountain is done with her. That is super messed up?

33. WHOA! Show us The Mountain’s face. COME ON!!!!!!

34. So how does it feel Your Grace? Your mom just blew up your kingdom?

35. Ummmm why are is the camera staying on the window??? What is happening?

36. HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!

GoT S6E10(6)

37. Well that prophecy came true. All of Cersei’s children are dead.

38. UGH…. Walder Frey. Mr. Filch needs to die like now.

39. Jamie Lannister is now Bronn’s official wingman. HA! “You don’t have to call me Sir just because I’m a knight.” -Bronn (LMAO)

40. YEAH Mr. Filch…. We don’t need you!

41. Cersei is going to completely lose it now… Saw that coming.

42. SAM, GILLY, AND BABY SAM!!!!! I have missed them dearly.

43. White Ravens…. I hope everyone knows what that means. Winter is here.

44. Apparently this Maester doesn’t have time for Sam’s sense of humor… Rude.

45. Look at all the books. Sam is in heaven right now. I am right there with you, friend.

46. Jon Snow is finally home. That must be weird.

47. Davos is pissed and he’s about to have some words with the Melisandre.

48. Oh Davos. He’s so angry.

Source: HBO
Source: HBO

49. I think it’s time for Melisandre to leave.

50. Jon is a good man. His debt to her is re-paid. Bye Red Lady

51. I really love these brother – sister moments between Jon and Sansa.

GoT S6E10 (28)

52. Jon has always been a Stark to me!

53. “Only a fool would trust Littlefinger.” Sansa has learned, Sansa Stark is wise!!!!!!


55. Equal trust between family is the only way they will survive this, well I hope anyway.

56. “Winter is here.” “Well father always promised didn’t he.” – Jon is a comedian….

57. Oh damn. Sh*t is about to get real. Lady Tyrell is in Dorne. Time to gather the ladies to fight against the Lannisters.

58. Lady Tyrell is my hero! She doesn’t take crap from no one.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

59. DAMN!!!! Varys is in Dorne and he is bringing the chance for vengeance with him.

Source: HBO

60. I’m not going to lie I’m a little sad to see that Daenerys is leaving Daario behind, but she has a point.

61. The Bay of Dragons. I love the name change!

62. Someone is finally listening to Tyrion for once. I’m super glad it’s Daenerys. They make an excellent team.

63. Tyrion believes in Daenerys… That is a rather big move for him.

64. WOOT WOOT!!!!!

GoT S6E10 (10)

65. Tyrion is officially The Hand of the Queen. He does a damn fine job as The Hand, I must say.

GoT S6E10 (22)

66. UGH back to Walder Frey…. Mr. Filch needs to die like right now.

67. Ummmm what? New serving girl, is anyone else skeptical right now???

68. “They are already here My Lord” OH CRAP….. does she mean????

69. EWWWWWWWW! The Frey boys were baked into a meat pie. Eww Mr. Filch ate that meat pie. GROSS!

70. F YEAH THAT’S ARYA STARK!!!!!! This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

71. FINALLY!!!!!! Some well deserved vengeance! Arya is seriously dark now. Damn

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

72. Littlefinger want’s dat ass, that’s what he wants.

73. I knew Littlefinger always wanted the Iron Throne and now he wants Sansa by his side.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

74. DENIED!!!!!!

75. Lord Baelish is such a weasel sometimes all the time.

76. Whoa…. Ancient spells were carved into the foundations of The Wall…. If Uncle Benjen can’t cross that means the army of the dead probably can’t which means The Wall is Coming Down. Oh man.

77. Um he could have left them a little closer to the wall… just saying.

78. OH MY DAMN!!!!! The Tower of Joy… WE GET TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED! *breathing is a problem right now*

GoT S6E10 (29)

79. WHISPERING WHY?????? If who finds out what? Who will kill who? What are you saying?

80. BABY!!!!! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!!!!!

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

81. R + L = J!!!!! We all know this is true, well mostly true. AHHHHHHHH

82. Lady Lyanna Mormont rallying behind Jon is my new favorite thing. She is my spirit animal.

Source: HBO
Source: HBO

83. I am seriously screaming at the tv: KING IN THE NORTH!!!!

84. I mean I am all for Jon Snow being The King in the North, but bad things tend to happen Kings.

85. That moment when Sansa makes eye contact with Baelish…. Oh that look oh his face screams “What your back.”

86. Soooo Jaime is back in King’s Landing…. His face say’s it all…. What has Cersei done??


87. Ah crap. Ceresi is finally taking her seat as Queen. Even Jaime know’s this is so bad.


88. I feel like Jaime is looking at her like he sees “The mad King” once again. This is not going to end well.

89. The time has come to sail for Westeros. The Greyjoy’s are in it now.

90. I see the ships from Dorne!!!!

91. The Mother of Dragon’s is on her way to claim the Iron Throne!!!!

GoT S6E10 (18)

92. Daenerys of House Targaryen, her time has finally come. The gag is all here. LOOK OUT KING’S LANDING HOUSE TARGARYEN IS COMING!

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

That was amazing! The Winds of Winter was one of the best finales. Season 6 was just phenomenal in so many ways. I can’t wait to see what happens next season!

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