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Film Still | Source: Till We Meet Again

Till We Meet Again – A Review

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It took me forever to finally watch this film, but I am so glad that I did. Till We Meet Again is a poignant, independent drama directed by Bank Tangiaitrong. This film focuses on a disenchanted millennial couple and the separate paths they follow during a quest to find themselves in Thailand.

Erik (Johan Matton) and Joanna (Linnea Larsdotter) escape the safety of their New York lives for a once in a life time trip to Thailand, where they hope to reawaken their relationship. However, their vacation doesn’t exactly go to plan.

While surrounded by the beauty of Thailand, Erik and Joanna begin to question who they are and who they should be with.

This film is a heartbreaking portrait of two lovers on different paths. Sometimes you have to go a long way to find out you’re not where you’re suppose to be.

Till We Meet Again has a stunning cast of rising talent that bring to life this remarkable story written by Johan Matton & Alix Purcell.

Till We Meet Again – The Review

*Warning* I will try to keep this Spoiler free, but I might slip up.

Source: Till We Meet Again

I am absolutely blown away by this film. The backdrop of Thailand is stunning and exotic. The characters of this story have a truly remarkable location to experience something new and perhaps learn something about themselves.

Erik and Joanna met each other at a time in their lives when they truly needed one another, but they are two different people now. It seems as if they had grown complacent in the safety of their relationship and the reasons they got together might not keep them together.

This story is truly about two people who have lost touch with who they are. Erik is convinced he needs Joanna to be happy, but is that really the case. This trip to Thailand opens up a whole world of possibility for both Erik and Joanna, but Erik seems to be the only one who really embraces it.

Joanna chooses to part from Erik in order to meet up with a friend, whose intentions are not exactly honorable. David (Emrhys Cooper) is on vacation with his girlfriend or so Joanna thinks when she meets up with him.

Film Still | Joanna & David | Source: Till We Meet Again

Erik plans to meet up with them, but nothing goes to plan. But, to be honest, I feel like Erik never meeting up with Joanna was the best thing that could have happened to him. Meeting Miranda (Astrea Campbell-Cobb), Jamie (Timothy Ryan Hickernell), & Cecile (Elly Han) couldn’t have been more perfect. 

Film Still | Erik, Miranda, Jamie, & Cecile | Source: Till We Meet Again

Sometimes what you need finds you when you weren’t looking for it. Erik realizes that he’s lost sight of who he truly is and feeling like he needs someone else to be himself isn’t enough anymore.

This story is actually quite heartbreaking, but beautiful.

The Ending

Honestly, I thought the ending was perfect, heartbreaking, but perfect. The shot near the end of the film of Erik walking away was really quite moving because the world is at his feet. He can go anywhere and do anything, all he has to do is make a choice.

Film Still | Source: Till We Meet Again

All in all, Till We Meet Again is a remarkable film. I highly recommend this film to everyone, especially if you enjoy dramas.

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