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Tips for Packing for San Diego Comic Con & More

Are you getting ready to head out to San Diego Comic Con? Here are some tips on what to pack for your trip and how to prepare!

What to wear:

Comfortable Shoes and Socks. I can’t stress this one enough. The convention center is huge and the walks to get food and to hotels are far and long! This is one of those moments where you need to pick comfort over fashion folks! I promise your feet will thank you for it! I recommend buying a pack of super comfy thick socks. Remember, when packing shoes for the nights out, there could still be a lot of walking, try to pack comfortable dress shoes or plan on using a ride service like Lyft or Uber to save your feet some serious pain.

Light Sweater or Jacket. The weather in San Diego is usually hot this time of year. With weather ranging from 80-90 degrees during the day and around 60-70 degrees during the evening. The convention center itself usually has really great air conditioning. If you are prone to getting cold indoors, we recommend bringing a long a light sweater or jacket. Something small enough that you can carry around in a backpack or wrap around your waist.

Comfortable Clothing. This absolutely differs from person to person. But we recommend something that breathes easily and that you are comfortable walking around in and possibly sitting on the floor in. If you plan to wait in line for the big panels in Hall H or in the ballrooms be advised that the lines are long, many times they are out door in the sun and depending on how long they are, you may be tempted to sit down on the ground. Don’t wear anything you don’t want ruined. If you’re a person who is comfortable in jeans, take 2-3 pairs of jeans max and a different shirt for each day. If you plan to go to some of the after hour comic con parties or bar crawls, pack a few going out outfits. To save space, try to pack tops that could easily pair with the jeans you packed.

Sunscreen. Take sunscreen with you. AND WEAR IT! You will be surprised how much time you end up spending in the sun. Just a few minutes in the sun is enough to cause some damage.

Backpack/Con Bag: Determine what kind of con bag is right for you. Many people opt to go with the complimentary con bag that SDCC offers when you pick up you badge. The bags are flat and large. perfect for art work or light weight items. but if you need something heavier to hold collectibles, con swag, water bottles, or snacks, you may want to opt for a full size backpack. I recommend something that offers good padding on the shoulder straps as well as on the back side.


Portable Cell Phone Power Banks. The lines are long and the phone keeps us entertained. The celebrities walk by and you start to snap videos. You and your friends are having a ball and taking photos of every awesome thing you see at the con. Before you know it your battery is dead. Portable Cell Phone Power banks are life savers! This is a list of Amazon’s best sellers.  I recommend looking for one that has enough power to charge your phone a few times a day. Even though many of these are small, many time these can often be really heavy and bulky. So be prepared to have it weigh down your backpack or con bag.

Chargers & Cables. Make sure you bring your cell phone and camera batteries, cables and chargers.



We recommend downloading and setting up these apps before arriving to San Diego.


Comic-Con International App. It’s FREE on both the App Store and Google Play! Up-to-date information WITHOUT an Internet connection … just download it. As soon as SDCC announces their schedule, the app will have the complete program schedule, special guest bios, a map of the con, hotel maps and more. It helps you organize and personalize your schedule and set reminders for events and panels.




Get Around Town:


San Diego Metropolitan Transit System https://www.sdmts.com/inside-mts/mts-express/app-ride

Lyft  https://www.lyft.com/rider/cities/san-diego-ca

Uber https://www.uber.com

Get Food Delivered: 

Uber Eats: https://www.ubereats.com/en-US/

Grubhub: https://www.grubhub.com

PostMates: https://postmates.com

Advice from the Pros:

Kate @iamwintermute on Twitter has some excellent suggestions: 

If flying, I always check my cosplay bags as fragile and always put a packing list and disclaimer (I’m a cosplayer, all this weird shit is for cosplay please be careful) for TSA if I’m packing weird shit other than clothing.

We almost always bring food or do grocery runs for lunch at any con if we have a fridge. Unless you’re willing to pay, food in the venue is usually overpriced. Most hotels have breakfast included, eat it.
Things to pack: cosplay emergency kit (leave this in the hotel. there is almost always a cosplay medic tent/booth provided by a sponsor. last year syfy had people all over) Portable battery pack for charging your phone.

Also pack: things to protect artwork/posters. Flip flops/flats in case your feet need a break from cosplay on the way home. Back up cosplay. Extra foldable bag (the thin kind that fits everywhere) in case you’re going home with extra stuff.

Mail things home if they’re bulky and you’re flying. It’ll be cheaper than pay for extra luggage (only applies to the US)

Traveling with cosplay: I find that I’m less likely to miss things if I put each cosplay in its own plastic bag before packing them into my suitcase. Labels are your friend.
Unless you are willing to camp out all afternoon and night, don’t bother going for the Hall H line.

Do you have any questions about traveling to SDCC? Maybe we can help answer them! Leave us a comment below? Do you have tips to share? Leave us a comment below! 

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