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ToG At The Con: Day 2 At Fan Expo Dallas 2017

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Fan Expo Dallas 2017 – Day 2

Day 2 of Fan Expo Dallas 2017 has come and gone. This was the day that I was waiting for. The day that the celebrities would be here to sign. The day where we would be able to interview guests. The day that… why does this place seem so crowded?

Crowded is calling it lightly. This place was packed! There was way too many people at this convention to truly enjoy the convention. So, why was it so crowded? Here is the lowdown. Norman Reedus and Jeffery Dean Morgan were scheduled to be at the con both Saturday and Sunday. Due to a television commitment, they had to cancel their Sunday.

The powers that be decided to have the Sunday con goers come Saturday to honor their photo ops. They had to pay for a Saturday ticket to get in but with some re-shuffling and scheduling, they were able to get the photo-ops set-up. This made the autograph area a mad house. There was people everywhere. Then add in the fact that the Vampire Diaries guys were only here today and with Mark Hamill present, this was a crazy packed day.


Besides dealing with large crowds, I decided to seek out cosplay. Let me tell you, the cosplay was on point today! The costumes that I seen today were absolutely amazing. Some of my favorites today were X-23, Marty McFly, and The Shovel! Take a look at some of these great costumes!



The celebrity guests were in good spirits even though there was a lot of people to speak with. We saw Norman Reedus signing away and people walking away with grins on their faces after meeting the one and only Daryl Dixon. Con Man and K2S0, Alan Tudyk was also drawing in lines himself. He gave each guest a warm and personal reception. Even though Mark Hamill was at the con today, I never actually got to see him and how he was doing.



Day 2 was not as good as day 1. The crowds were too massive to truly enjoy yourself. I know the vendors had to suffer from this. The plus side, people were remaining in good spirits getting to meet their celebrity idols. There was also plenty of cosplay to enjoy once you were able to find a gap in the crowds. All in all, it was to be expected, I just wish this was managed a little differently.

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