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ToG at the Con – Dallas Fan Days 2015

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On Saturday, October 17 2015, Temple of Geek took a trip to Dallas. It was a journey that played out like a Greek tragedy but that’s a tale for another time my friends.

The Irving center was packed with three floors of geeky goodness. We hit the vendors floor first. We gazed upon classic games and 80’s toys that had Slade and myself salivating.  Our greedy eyes longed for more than our wallets could fund.  There was a particular comic, “Thee Comic”, a graded Amazing Fantasy #15.  I found myself contemplating the start of my criminal career, but alas my fortitude held.  It was an auction piece estimated to go for $30k well beyond the meager funds in my wallet, but just seeing it with my own eyes, brings more meaning to Vader’s last wish to me now.  There were just so many collectables, the variety was beyond anything I’ve seen so far.  Sadly, with the headliners being Lucy Lawless and members from the Karate Kid, it did not seem that any vendors brought items to cater to the event.  Who wouldn’t want memorabilia specific to them signed?  Luckily I brought my own.

If you like cosplay then you would have wanted to be here as this was a cosplayer’s paradise.  I’ve never seen so many in one location and I’ve been around a few conventions now.  Lego hulk was hilarious but oh so awesome. I wish we had footage of him squeezing out of an elevator to the cheers of the crowd, I almost died laughing. We stopped and chatted a little with the attendees but we were late to the event so we were in a rush to see the Q&A panels.

Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Conner drew a huge crowd.  Their fans filled the meeting room and patiently waited in line for hours for a personal autograph.  Honestly I’m not a fan but both of them were down to earth and a pleasure to listen to.  There were some wacky questions and they truly entertained the masses with the Xena reenactment from memory.  Maybe I’ll watch Xena someday, at the very least the episodes with Bruce Campbell.

We attended the Karate Kid reunion panel with myself being on cloud nine.  Ralph Machio, William Zabka, and Martin Kove.  It’s one thing meeting the celebrities of my teenage years and beyond, but meeting one from my childhood that actually inspired me, and who I wanted to be, was magical.  It was fun listening to Zabka providing a lot of the humorous jabs.  Zabka has been keeping busy and spoke of his experience on “How I met your mother” and other productions that get their laughs at Ralph’s expense.  Zabka proved to be the most charismatic and shined during the Q&A.  I couldn’t help but wonder if type casting held his career back.  Martin Kove spoke of his love of period pieces and how he’d love to get on Game of Thrones or Penny Dreadful.  Ralph’s nice guy personality really showed but he got a few humorous shots in too.  Sadly Ralph refused to demonstrate the crane kick pointing out he’s in his fifties now and doesn’t want to throw out his back. None the less all three were great and are forever immortalized in pop culture and our hearts.

Rest in peace Pat Morita.



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