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Top 5 Horror Films with… Kathy with a K

Radio personality Kathy with a K tells her favorite horror films!


5.  LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (2008) It’s a love story. I’m laughing right now thinking about that. Simply…she’s an old soul who’s hungry all the time for a very specific dish and he’s a young soul who has wants to be cared for and has been duped all his life by those who should be caring for him. Role reversal or more so, the previous archetypes of female/helpless and male/powerful are upended. She’s strong and cunning while he’s innocent and trusts too much. A love story.


4.  ROSEMARY’S BABY (1968) The struggle is real for a young man who’s only looking out for the overall success of his family that he trades his wife’s womb for a very fortunate break in showbiz! That’s amore! I just wondered what a remake would look like if it were told from the angle of the husband. I mean, how bad was it that giving his blessing to his neighbors to drug his devoted wife to be a vessel for an otherworldly offspring. Back to this film and the time it was created…oh, the ways we each trade our possessions for what we think we need and want.

3.  ROB ZOMBIE’S HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES (2003) Holy mother of all that is whoa. Horror. I was okay with clowns until actor Sid Haig brought down the house in this crazy road trip gone madder than all get out. The first time I watched it was on a date – I suggested it since I proclaimed a fondness for scary movies and the young man I was kicking with said it was pretty good. It’s gory, bloody, cringe inducing, close your eyes-look away-cover your face with your hands…I mean, it’s fun! Could I watch it again? Nah…it’s fully embedded in my brain and I don’t need to unlock that door. Ever.
2.  JOHN CARPENTER’S HALLOWEEN (1978). The original silent killer for a generation in the form of Michael Myers. It was the invisible stalker, the implied presence with the tracking camera angles that was effectively used. I felt the cocksureness of all the teenagers on screen and when I (the audience) was in step with the danger, all safety measures were off! Gosh, the scene in the flimsy doored closet with the hangers?! A favorite of mine because seriously, this is where I should store my hand weights so when I hide I’ll have a weapon instead of just plush hangers and winter coats!
1.  SUSPIRIA (1977). It’s stylish, beautiful, the soundtrack is eerily elegant and keeps one on the edge throughout. I am never relaxed watching this film and I remember why I don’t press my face against a plate glass window in the dead of night when I think I hear something outside! This is my number one choice for its strangeness and the way its put together, truly wonderful art piece.


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