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Top 5 Horror Films with… Mara Marini

Most recently known for her character Brandi Maxxxx on Parks and Rec Mara Marini tells us her top 5 favorite horror films.
5. The Exorcist – it’s a classic. I watched it with my babysitter when I was a kid and won’t go near a ouija board til this day.
4. The Descent – that U.K. ending though!!! Heebie jeebies for weeks! 😱
3. Candyman – the final horror movie that had a significant effect on my life after viewing it. I couldn’t look in the mirror for a month! (And if you know me, you know that it’s quite a feat!)
2. Arachnophobia – this movie changed my life. After watching it, I had a whole routine of checking for spiders under the bed, all corners of the room floor and ceiling, under the covers/pillows and all around the shower. Still deathly afraid of spiders.
1. Jaws – this movie also changed my life.  Not only did it severely restrict my ocean time, but I even thought sharks would come out of the drains at pools and would immediately hear the soundtrack as soon as I would put my head underwater. I also scared myself into believing they could come up the toilet for a while. (I was a weird kid.)

Check out Mara in her latest films StarF*cker and Electric Love.  Follow Mara on Twitter and Instagram.

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