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Top 5 Horror Films with…. Paul Ogata

International Comedian Paul Ogata tells his Top 5/6 Favorite Horror Films…

5. Saw:  Torture-porn starts here. It’s like if “Se7en” wasn’t trying to win any awards and instead was hooked on phencyclidine. And tricycles.

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:  Based on true events! Except it wasn’t. Rest in peace (pieces?) Tobe Hooper.

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street:  A pre-mentalcase Johnny Depp eaten by a bed and vomited onto the ceiling? Beautiful. And fuck you, Wes Craven, for making me afraid of sleep.

2. Night of the Living Dead:  The originator of modern pop culture, since 70% of everything these days is zombie-related. Courageous casting. Sucker punch ending. Wonderful filmmaking.

1. TIE: Psycho / Halloween:  You couldn’t have “Scream” if there wasn’t “Halloween.” And you couldn’t have “Halloween” if there wasn’t “Psycho.” (Fittingly, you couldn’t have Jamie Lee Curtis if there wasn’t Janet Leigh.) Is Hitchcock’s classic more suspense than horror? Who gives a crap. It certainly helped kick off the slasher genre. Likewise, John Carpenter’s perfect Halloween basically became the blueprint for every 80’s and 90’s horror film.


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