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Top 5 Horror Films with…. Rachel Federoff

Rachel Federoff tells us her Top 5 Favorite Horror Films…
5. Halloween 3 Season of the Witch – Why not Halloween 1 or 2? Why not, because this is all about creepy masks that when worn kill you! I mean who doesn’t love creepy masks that kill you, a creepy catchy tune that will forever get stuck in your brain, and it is all centered around Halloween!
4. Stephen King’s IT (Original) – If you’re going to go see the new one or already have and you haven’t seen the original you are truly missing out. Now I’m not one to have a phobia of clowns but let’s just say Tim Curry’s Pennywise made a coulrophbic out of me! It also made me stay clear of sewers.
3. Evil Dead I and II and Army of Darkness – All three of these are hands down amazing! Bruce Campbell is awesome and of course Sam Ramie’s directing style is epic. Ok so it’s not really that scary but it’s fun and crazy and well, if you haven’t seen any of them you really should. “Hail to the king!
2. The Shining – Jack Nicholson, Shelly Duval, and a creepy kid yelling “Redrum!” All alone in a giant hotel and layer upon layer of psychosis, creepy twins and a river of blood?! This movie is not only a classic it’s the kind of horror I really like – mental horror. Blood and guts get’s really old after awhile whereas what’s truly scary is the unknown or what’s real versus not. Mental scrambles and fears are what nightmares are made of.
1. Hellraiser – Hands down my favorite horror movie series. Clive Barker is so intense and bizarre and takes the concept of hell to a whole other level. Pinhead is such an epic character and or course his Cenobites.  It has some really gory moments and again is deep not just slashing and decapitating nonsense. 

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