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Top 5 Horror Films with… Raquel Pomplun!

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Actress Raquel Pomplun tells her top 5 favorite horror films…
5. The Exorcist: I love this movie because it’s a classic. For its time, it was revolutionizing, and it was one of the first horror movies that gave me nightmares!
4. Crimson Peak: The way this movie is so psychologically twisted, and all the graphics and effects, it’s a perfect combination of horror and suspense. Besides, I love Tom Hiddleston 🙂
3. The Omen: Simply the fact that it’s a kid that’s the devil, I mean what’s scarier than an evil kid?! Definitely one of my favorites that kept making my mother check my head for that 666 😜
2. The Shinning: There’s nothing scarier than being chased by a psycho in a strange hotel, in the middle of no where, where you can’t escape! Hehehehehe that movie terrifies me, again, one of the biggest causer of my nightmares!
1. Psycho: A classic, no doubt. Again, I fear more crazy people than monsters, because crazy people can “act” normal and then kill you, or even worse, torture you.
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