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It’s the most wonderful time of the year according to Andy Williams and you know what? He’s kind of right.

Spending time with family and friends, exchanging gifts, eating turkey and lots of fatty foods and my favourite part? The movies. Time to get out those DVDs and Blu Ray’s of It’s A Wonderful Life, or Love, Actually, maybe even National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Perhaps the 1951 version of Scrooge starring Alistair Sim. How about The Nightmare Before Christmas, or even The Muppets Christmas Carol? You can’t beat a little bit of Michael Caine singing.

Then there are the alternative choices, movies that take place at Christmas but aren’t thought of as Christmas movies. Sometimes those can be fun to watch. Now, some of these movies have become Christmas favourites with many, especially choices one, two and three, but some may argue that choice two especially is not a Christmas movie whatever way you look at it, or that choice three is just a silly Bill Murray comedy, or that four and five are nothing more but comic book movies.

Bah humbug to them. So, put on your favourite Christmas jumper, sit back and relax as we count down the top five alternative Christmas movies. 

Possibly the geekiest man in all of Ireland, I have consumed too many television shows, movies, books and comics to know the difference any more between being geeky and not geeky. Very proud of my geekdom, it brought me together with my one true love, and if that’s not a great reason to be geeky, I don’t know what is. Could also beat anybody in an X Files trivia contest. True scientific fact.