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Tragedy Girls: A Whole New Era of Horror

Going in to watching the Tragedy Girls I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The previews left you curious to say the least. The all-star lineup of actors like Josh Hutcherson and Brianna Hildebrand, this was set up to be quite the interesting flick. Although one might assume that horror films can’t combine with other genres, they would be wrong.

   The beginning scene leads in with your typical horror movie trope. A foggy bridge, two teenagers getting a little too frisky, and a parked car that belongs in a different era. Of course this could only mean one thing, a serial killer is on the loose. Just maybe not the one you think. Brianna Hildebrand and Alexandra Shipp play Sadie and Jordan. Long time best friends and co-founders of the social media page, Tragedy Girls. They also happen to be accomplices in murder.

  Accordingly this movie is a modern combination of two classic genres. The coming of age film meets the serial killer in the making. Tragedy Girls is saturated in all the amusing gore two teenage serial killers could create. Although Sadie Cunninghan is the trailer park raised half of this team, she is the brains of the operation, charms the attention of the audience with all of her charming murder plans. While Jordan Welch, the action part of the team, grabs your heart the her sassy and salty antics.

Reminiscent of Carrie and Scream, this coming of age comedy horror film brings so much to the table. It provides all the gore you’d hope for from it’s horror roots. Yet all the laughs you’d expect from a film where Josh Hutcherson place an angsty ex-boyfriend.

   Even the murders take a creative turn. From being run off the road to being decapitated by a barbell. This movie is all about providing Final Fantasy level murders with a more creative twist.

    In conclusion, Tragedy Girls is a creative combination of genres we all love. This movie provides a new opening for horror movies with the mashing of genres. What could come next? Rom-com meets Haunted House? I believe Tyler MacIntyre has created something so entertaining and original that it opens the door for a whole new era of horror. Be sure to look for this film to come to a theater near you October 20, 2017.


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