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Traveling Stories has a way to get you into San Diego Comic Con 2018!

Traveling Stories is a great nonprofit organization aimed at helping kids to fall in love with reading and… they are also giving you an amazing chance at attending the Con of all Cons, SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!
We spoke with Founder/CEO Emily Moberly about Traveling Stories, their contest, and what you can win.
Q. Let’s first cover the basics for our readers… what is Traveling Stories? 
Traveling Stories is a nonprofit organization that I started back in 2010! Our mission is to empower kids to outsmart poverty by helping them fall in love with reading by the 4th grade. ​I got the idea to start the organization when I was a teacher in Honduras. My students were teenagers but had never had access to books. They had never been tucked in with a bedtime story and didn’t understand the concept of reading for fun. As a book nerd myself, I couldn’t imagine growing up without books. I was able to bring my students a suitcase full of books and watch them fall in love with reading for the first time. Seeing how that changed their life made me want to give that same  life-changing opportunity to more kids. My students in Honduras inspired me to start Traveling Stories and today we’re helping over 6,000 kids worldwide fall in love with reading!
Q. And what can our readers win in this raffle?
We are always looking for fun ways to raise support for our reading programs. That’s why we’re excited about our Comic-Con Sweepstakes. One winner will get two 4-day passes to San Diego Comic-Con, hotel in San Diego, and airfare for 2 within the continental U.S. We’re also throwing in airport pickup by yours truly and a private tour of the San Diego Comic Art Gallery with Ted Adams, CEO and Founder of IDW Publishing.
Q. SDCC is notorious for being one of the hardest cons to get into, how did you secure such an amazing prize package?
I can totally relate to how hard it is to get into SDCC. I’ve lived in San Diego almost my whole life and I still haven’t been able to buy tickets! We are really fortunate to have support year-round from IDW Publishing. They love what we do and told SDCC about us. We pitched the contest idea to SDCC and they were really supportive! It’s cool for us to be able to partner with such an amazing organization in San Diego. SDCC has done so much to help San Diego and through this contest they’re doing even more to help promote literacy.
Time is running out on your chance at attending SDCC 2018.  Please follow the link below for you chance at not only SDCC 2018, but also to help out a great cause.
Enter for you chance to win HERE.

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