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Villain or Hero? Flashpoint Analysis

When a reader thinks of comics they typically think of everything in black and white. Good and bad. Hero and Villain. But when a “hero” starts making morally questionable choices, does it not make them the villain of the story?

The Flash completely disregards others safety throughout the story. From changing the past to messing with the balance,  The Flash knows what he’s doing is wrong. He reflects on the past without being concerned for the future.

Another reason The Flash s the villain of this story because he lies about the truth. There are several points within the story where if The Flash told the truth it would have helped his cause greatly. Included in these instances is the time in the beginning of chapter four when The Flash does not tell the rest of his team the truth. The Flash is confronted about his secrets when Cyborg, the Shazam Kids, and Element Woman sneak in on Batman and The Flash. Element woman states, “What’re you guys talking about? Can we talk about it too?!” The Flash neglects to tell them that he is really from an alternate time-line. When dealing with the safety of the entire world, The Flash chooses to lie. This shows that he is in fact the villain of Flashpoint.

On the other hand, Reverse Flash is not the villain because he does nothing to affect the outcome of the story. Although he is a reoccurring villain in The Flash universe, Reverse Flash is not the villain of Flashpoint. This is proven through the fact that he does not even show up until the end of the story. When Reverse Flash does show up, he is the one who reveals The Flash is actually the one who changes the past. “You traded the life of your mother for the rest of the world!”. However, other than revealing that The Flash is the one who changes the past, Reverse Flash does not serve a purpose in this story other than to reveal that The Flash changed the past. As a result, saying that Reverse Flash is the villain of this story is ultimately an untrue statement.

Ultimately, The Flash is the villain of Flashpoint. He makes decisions based on his own well-being and feelings. Disregard for other people is one of the first signs of a villain in literature. Saying that Reverse Flash plays the role of the villain in this story is not true. In fact, Reverse Flash plays nearly no role in this story other than to reveal that The Flash is the villain. So, the villain of this story must be The Flash because of his selfish choices and disregard for the well-being of others.

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