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We asked our staff…

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What are the top 3 things you want to see from The Last Jedi…


Stacy Bishop 
1. We’re going to actually see why Luke is the most powerful Jedi. (Technically, the only one as well)
2. Luke will be the first canon gray Jedi
3. Someone big dies. Including many porg.

Brian Lazarow 
1. Rise of the gray Jedi.
2. Luke and Leia reunion.
3. The Reylo ship crashing and burning.

Jose Vasquez

1. Knights Of Ren are going to fight Luke and Rey
2. They will have a funeral for Han Solo
3. Fin will lose his hand by Captain Phasma

Monica Duarte 
I don’t want to speculate too much or delve into the fan theories. And I don’t want to spoil too much for myself. Sometimes it is more fun to come in with no expectations and be rewarded. At the very least you aren’t disappointed. But off the top of my head, three predictions I have (more like 3 worried I have) are: 
1. Princess Leia will die.
2. The Porg will not be as adorable as they were in the trailer.
3. Finn will get friend zoned again by Rey. Possibly hurt by Rey.
Matthew Wells 
I’m with Monica on not wanting to spoil too much for myself, but here’s what could be interesting to see:

1. Luke shows signs of no longer being purely on the Light Side.
2. Snoke has another identity and it is revealed.
3. Rey trains with Kylo Ren.

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