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We’re Calling It Now – Nightwing is next on ARROW

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Fans, if you haven’t been keeping up Arrow on the CW Network, you are really missing out. Arrow has launched a new way to look at heroes on television. And that’s not the only thing they’ve launched. With Arrow’s success, we were introduced to The Flash, portrayed by Grant Gustin, who now stars in his own show on Tuesday nights on the CW. This season, the newest character to grace the DCU on television is Ray Parker, aka The Atom, portrayed by Brandon Routh. Whether or not The Atom might get his own spin-off show is debatable but what is certain, is another character they keep hinting at. No I’m not talking about Batman, but you’re close. I’m talking about Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing. I believe sometime in the very near future, this character is going to be the next character to pop up on the CW’s most successful show.


nightwingbannerI think it’s no secret that I’m a huge Batman fan but a close second in the DC universe for me is Nightwing. For a person that went through a similar experience as Bruce Wayne, to only hate him towards the end and become his own identity, but still act like his mentor, is a perfect reason why they could bring him and tie the gap between Arrow and Batman. This season on Arrow has referenced the “sidekick/apprentice” role a lot, (Roy Harper to Oliver Queen, Thea Queen to Malcolm Merlin, Laurel Lance to Ted Grant) and what better person to come on than the first real sidekick of modern comics. No offense Tonto.


1397500147000-GRAYSON-COMICS-jy-3912-As much as I love Arrow, you really cannot deny the fact that this is the Batman show, that never was. Warner Bros. has a huge cash cow with The Dark Knight trilogy and a new incarnation in the form of Ben Affleck ready to have his turn with the cowl which I can see why they wouldn’t want to put him on the small screen. I have heard mixed reviews of Fox’s Gotham, but that’s another article. So if we can’t have Batman on television, how about his partner. Remember a few years back, when the CW was going to develop a Grayson show appropriately titled “The Graysons”? TNT is currently trying to develop a live Teen Titans with Dick Grayson in the title role. As much as I would like to see that, a very big part of me wants his birth on television in the CW universe.


So how would I introduce Nightwing on Arrow you ask? The answer is rather simple. Arrow has done a marvelous job of telling a back story through flashbacks, all while keeping those memories in line with the rest of the show. I think it would have been perfect to bring him in with this season’s “League of Assassins” arc. They have already hinted at his old dwelling (Bludhaven) at least three times, the most recent was when they were questioning another masked Archer in the hunt for Sarah Lance’s killer.  Grayson could have been a student of the league along with Oliver and such. Sadly, that’s wishful thinking. However, given Dick Grayson’s current status in the comics, he works for SPYRAL as the super spy: Agent 37. They could use SPYRAL as the theme for next season and introduce Nightwing that way. It fits with the nature of Arrow’s dark and spy/thriller type themes.


Screenshot (4) Screenshot (8)If there is one thing I can truly commend the producers of Arrow/Flash are the costumes. We get actual costumes. Not some bogus mock-up like the Smallville series did. We caught a glimpse recently of what Brandon Routh’s Atom costume is going to look like and I am pumped. So there isn’t a doubt in my mind that if Nightwing were to come on, his costume would be nothing short of epic. Rocksteady games did a pretty solid look to keep in lines of their Bat-suit in the “Arkham” series. Question is: Would you prefer the blue or red bird pattern?


Screenshot (7)If in fact the Nightwing hints are just teases would be such a disappointment. The fact that they mention Wayne in the future newspaper in The Flash, is reason enough to know they are acknowledging “Batman” exists in this universe, so why not? Here we have an awesome character that would fit so perfectly in the CW universe and it only is right it starts with Arrow. He could be the other to spin-off his long-awaited show. And I believe it would be another success in their books. Think about it: We could have Flash, Arrow, and Nightwing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights every week, respectively. How awesome would that be? With a current Flash/Arrow crossover coming up, the ideas are limitless. It would be another cool way to bring back Manu Bennett’s  Deathstroke as  he destroys Bludhaven in the comics. Although IGN’s article says that the “Batman” references are just teases, and teases alone, one tends to wonder. I do believe he is coming on this show. The question is: Which actor would you want to portray him?
Side Note: How awesome would it have been if Brandon Routh was Superman on Arrow? Just look at the super grin…

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