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“We’re Going Back” – A Back to the Future Celebration at the Twin Pines Mall

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On Sunday, October 25, 2015, the 5 day Back to the Future Celebration: “We’re Going back” in California came to a close and it was a spectacular send off for the 30th Anniversary Celebration.

The final day of celebrating could not have been in a better location – The Puente Hills Mall aka the Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall.


The City of Industry, Universal, and the “We’re Going Back” folks worked hard to make this a once in a lifetime celebration. Not only was 2015 the 30th Anniversary of the first Back to the Future film, but this was also the year Marty traveled back to in Back to the Future 2, specifically, October 21, 2015. Clearly this location was a must for the final day of celebrating. And a must that I attend.


Several things were happening all at once throughout the evening, such as photo-ops with Doc Brown and his truck, the Twin Pines Mall sign, one or more of 100 + Marty’s walking around, and your choice of 13 DeLoreans’. Honestly, the choices of what to do until showtime were endless. Check out what the area had to offer.

As the evening progressed things started to get a little bit more exciting. The Official Tribute Band of Back to the Future, THE FLUX CAPACITORS took the stage! They are 5 incredibly talented individuals. They played a wide variety of songs from the 1980’s and several icon songs from Back to the Future, including Johnny B. Goode, Power of Love, and Back in Time. They even dress the part, because honestly if you are going to call yourselves The Flux Capacitors you are basically obligated to dress up in Back to the Future garb. The band has a Marty McFly, a Doctor Emmett Brown, a George McFly, a Jennifer Parker, and a Griff Tannen. Pretty fantastic right?

IMG_4627 IMG_4626

IMG_4630 IMG_4628


Check out The Flux Capacitors  on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. IT IS WORTH IT TRUST ME!

Any who, during their performance the Mayor of the City of Industry dropped by with a little announcement to read.

The Twin Pines Mall sign is now a FOREVER thing! That’s super exciting right??


Speaking of Doc Brown, the folks who put this little celebration together worked their magic and through the power of a GIANT satellite… We got to Skype with Christopher Lloyd, which I recorded to share with you.

The Skype call wasn’t the best Skype call in the entire world, but it was still glorious in every way possible. Also can we talk about how much that guy who talked to Christopher looked and sounded like Michael J. Fox at Marty’s age?? Freaky right. I mean seriously…. look!


This actor was hand selected prior to this event to star as Marty McFly in a Back to the Future tribute short film by Robert Beaucage called Back to the Future: Back to the 2015 Future – a tribute to and parody to Back to the Future. You can check out the film on YouTube. It is really fantastic. And that Marty is AMAZING!!!!!

And last but not least, the main reason that I attended this event in the first place, the Back to the Future reenactment!!!!!

I was having the biggest geek out moment ever. You can hear me freak out just a little when I saw the headlights of the Blue VW Bus. I know the DeLorean is actually a replica from the 2nd film, but you have to admit that this was a damn good reenactment. This portion of the event took place while the film was screening in the background. This was basically a shadow cast, that just happened to take place in the EXACT same location this part of the film was filmed 30 years ago. Talk about a once in a lifetime kind of experience.

Happy Anniversary Back to the Future! And since it’s 2015…..


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