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What Happened to the Voltron Movie?

For several years now, Hollywood has been trying to bring Voltron on the big-screen. We have heard that directors were attached and that studios were developing, but after many years we have yet to see anything. One of the issues that is preventing this movie to be created is the complexities surrounding who owns the rights to the properties.

Currently, the Voltron property is owned by a company called World Events Productions. This company owns the rights to other cartoon properties such as Denver the Last Dinosaur and Saber Rider: The Star Sheriff. WEP obtained full rights to the franchise in 2000, but once the movie was being pitched around Hollywood, original creator Toei Animation Company felt that they deserved some of the profits from the movie.

So here we are, January 2015, and still no official word on the release of Voltron. IMDb still lists the film as in development but that could be another few years before we get any official word. So in the mean time, enjoy these concepts of the Voltron lions that JoBlo.com posted in 2010 and stay tuned to the Temple of Geek for any information about the Voltron Force.

Voltron Concept Art. Photo used with permission

Yellow Lion Vs Robeast. Photo used with permission

The Blue Lion. Photo used with permission

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