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What I want to see from Payday 2

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Payday 2 characters

I have been on a huge Payday 2 binge lately where I have been spending nearly all of my free time playing this game. This is most likely due to me refusing to play Warlords of Draenor and trying to fill the gap. Either way, Overkill Software recently posted a thank you message for reaching 2 million heisters in their official steam community and over 9 million heisters overall. In that message they said they plan to focus on and support Payday 2 for another 2 full years. I’ve had some people say that they would rather see a Payday 3 rather than 2 more years of mixed paid/free DLC content. I personally want Payday 2 to stay. Here’s why:

We have a good bit of teased content that has not made it out of the gates yet. Yes, they celebrated Crimefest with a TON of updates which were quite welcomed. Especially the Hoxton Breakout contract. But I really want to see Overkill follow through on what they’ve said they’re going to release. First off, the safehouse customization. Bain explains to you when you enter the safehouse for the first time that we would be able to customize it later. He said this on day one of release. Now I’ll go ahead and say that customizing the safehouse really isn’t a big deal. I spend next to no time in there except when I feel like trying to gawk at what my spending cash would look like in my personal vault or if I’m trying to test drive a weapon. But again, this is about following through. If you say you’re going to do it. Just do it.

Payday 2 Safehouse

Another thing I’m waiting on is the female heister. They teased us with a short trailer a little over a month ago which gave you a feel of her personality and they showed her mask. I hoping she’ll be in the next update but I feel like that is unlikely. Since they made a pretty big deal when they added John Wick and old Hoxton, I expect they’ll come out with a whole storyline for adding her rather than her just showing up as a new heister randomly in your next update. This again is not something majorly important to me. I like to play as Chains and also have since Payday 1. The thing is, if someone is already playing him, you get assigned a random character after that where in Payday 1 you got to at least choose from whoever was left to play. This is mildly annoying but is definitely not a game changer for me.

Payday 2 Female Heister

Lastly and most importantly, I want the rest of the infamy tree. I reached infamy level II this weekend and I’ve started thinking, “What happens when I reach V-100?” Will I want to play anymore? This also ties with safehouse customization because once you’re V-100, what do you spend your money on? What is there to work for? Also, if you’re going to tease the rest of the tree, I’m not going to forget that it’s content you plan to eventually release. I heard read some rumors that Overkill plans to release the next tier of infamy “after the Hoxton Breakout contract has been released”. Since our latest update at this point was the historical pack released in mid-November, I’m really hoping they release it soon. I really don’t want to reach infamy level V and have nothing to do after that. I enjoy the game too much.

Payday 2 Infamy Tree

All in all I just want Overkill Software to follow through on their plans in the next two years and I’ll be content. I will say that they keep updates flowing fairly regularly which definitely helps keep me engaged in the game. I just really want the next tier of infamy released before I make it to level V-100. It is December though. ‘Tis the season for giving! :D

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