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What To Pack In A Cosplay Emergency Bag

Happy Cosplay Friday! There’s nothing worse than running into a cosplay emergency during a convention. Sometimes this can be a costume rip or an unfortunate heel break. Whatever the emergency, it makes for a huge hassle to have to go out of the way to fix the problem. With this in mind the best solution to the problem is packing an emergency kit. But what to pack in this kit? Afterall you don’t want to be weighed down with something large to carry all day. Hopefully, our list will help to prepare you for the upcoming comic-cons.


The Bag Itself














For the bag itself we recommend something small with lots of pockets like this cosmetic organizer. This provides lots of spaces to place things while also not being too bulky.


What’s Inside

Safety Pins

¬†Safety pins are very often the thing that holds costumes together. That is why it’s so important to pack them in your emergency bag.

A Miniature Sewing Kit

A miniature sewing kit can help fix all those accidents just too big for even safety pins to handle. These kits can be purchased at any large retailer such as Walmart for an affordable price.


Duct Tape

As silly as it may seem, this is possibly the most useful tool on the planet. Whether you’re planning a kidnapping or repairing armor, this is your go to fix when your costume blows out on the convention floor.



Eyedrops may not seem like the expected thing to pack, but they can be a big relief. This is especially important if your costume includes contacts.



Cosplay is a painful sport. Between heels, armor, and the long convention walks, if you don’t have a headache by the end of the day consider yourself one of the lucky ones.


Be sure to customize your emergency kit to your needs. Including snacks, water, and other emergency costume fixes. We hope our list of what to pack helps you in your cosplay journey.


And as always,

Happy cosplay Friday!

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