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Who Is The Arkham Knight? ToG Has A Theory.

Who is the Arkham Knight? We are getting closer to finding out as we near the June 23rd release date. There are many theories running wild about who the identity of the masked vigilante might be.

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Theories range from Jason Todd to the Joker. I have read all the theories online so far and that one that I a presenting to you seems to be the most plausible.

Batman: Arkham City – Identity Theft Side Mission

In the beginning of  the game, when you first go to the church/medical center, you see a guy on a gurney with his face wrapped clenching an organ donor box. You learn that this patient is a doctor and carved off his own face

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Later in the game, Batman learns of a serial killer who is slicing the faces off of his or her victims. Batman has to collect as much evidence as he can to track down this killer. After investigating all 4 victims, Batman makes his way to an apartment just east of the of the courthouse. In this apartment, you learn that the serial killer is Dr. Elliot Thomas aka HUSH.

Hush in the comics

The character was introduced in Batman #609 as Tommy Elliot, long time friend to Bruce Wayne. In Batman #619, we learn that Tommy is the character Hush and he is set out to destroy Bruce Wayne. In “The Heart of Hush” story line of Detective Comics #846-#850, we learn that Elliot has plastic surgery done on himself to appear as Bruce Wayne.

Batman Hush 608 Promotional CoverBatman The Heart of Hush

The Theory


So the game loosely follows the comics in that Elliot gives himself a face that resembles his former friend Bruce Wayne. When we last see him, he tells Batman that Wayne is going to suffer and that he cannot do anything about it. He also tells Batman to pray that they do not meet again due to him not being in a generous mood. Is it possible that this was his plan in Arkham City? He took on the identity of Bruce Wayne and becomes the Arkham Knight.

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Lets look at some facts. We know from the comics that Elliot has spent most of his life training to become the Dark Knight’s rival. He is a genius tactician that rivals Batman himself. Judging from what we have seen so far in previews and trailers of the game, we know that this character has some training similar to Batman.

His face is concealed completely, this is something that the character Hush does regularly to conceal his identity. Could this be why the mask covers his face completely, to conceal the face of Tommy Elliot?

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The creators of the game has gone out to say that this is a completely original character. Is it possible that the only thing original about this character is the Arkham Knight persona not the man underneath the cowl? I guess we will find out June 23rd 2015 when Batman: Arkham Knight hits all the major game consoles.

How do you feel about this? Do you think I am on track or way off base? Sound off below, we would love to hear your theories!


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