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Who you gonna call? Melissa McCarthy as a Ghostbuster?

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melissa-mccarthy-bridesmaids (3)Are you ready for a new member to add to the Ghostbusters team? Are you ready for an all new type of Ghostbusters movie? If you’re unsure, let’s just break the news to you. It seems that Melissa McCarthy is in final negotiations to star in the Ghostbusters reboot. Yes, yet another reboot to add to Hollywood’s list. However, this wasn’t always the case. Due to Harold Ramis’ sudden passing early last year, it was unsure if the Ghostbusters 3 film would continue to be made, although a source from Sony insist that Ramis was only in it for continuity and cameo purposes. Ramis’ along with Dan Aykroyd created the Ghostbusters back in the early 80’s which spawned a cult following and a catchy meme and theme. (Who you gonna call?)

thQ89VG38VIvan Reitman was set to return back in the director’s chair but again, due to Ramis’ passing he inevitably dropped out. Now enter Paul Feig, who has a history with McCarthy directing her in “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat”. While Fieg has yet to reportedly sign on the dotted line, he did express interest in an all female cast, with McCarthy leading the new pack. Bill Murray has gone on record to support McCarthy as a Ghostbuster last year, when the film went into “Development Hell”, once again, this time for unfortunate reasons. Since it is a reboot, cameos would be almost typical as expected from the previous cast.  While nothing is official, you can pretty much bet that if Feig signs, McCarthy will soon follow. A source close to Feig states that it will have its comedic value in there, but be a darker tone and not so much humor. So what do you fans think? All female cast? Yay? Nay? Female Slimer as well? If you don’t support this direction, only response that comes to mind is: “Who you gonna call?”

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