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Why Sony & Marvel need to bring Andrew Garfield in the MCU

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amazing_spider_man_2-wideWhen news broke out earlier this month, that Sony & Disney/Marvel Studios had reached an agreement to let the wall crawler be a part of their cinematic universe, I like many of you, was  jumping and screaming in joy! I couldn’t believe it. Finally, after so long, Spider-Man comes home. My initial reaction was just to allow “The Amazing Spider-Man”, currently portrayed by Andrew Garfield, into the MCU. Such is not the case, however. Shortly after the big unveil, it was announced that Garfield was out, and Marvel was looking for a NEW actor to portray Spider-Man in their universe. Why?

the-amazing-spider-man-2-scene-coupeeI know to many of you, it might be better for the overall portrayal because Marvel will “do him right” on-screen, but here’s a serious question: What’s wrong with our current portrayal of Spider-man? He taunts his villains. He works his problems out through science. HE EVEN HAS WEB SHOOTERS NOW! Essential items that were lacking a lot throughout the Raimi/Maguire series. I have never felt more connected to this character until this recent version, in the form of The Amazing Spider-Man. Now we’re going to get yet, another actor ( too soon, by the way ) to put on the mask? Here’s how, and more importantly, why Andrew Garfield needs to be a part of the MCU.

NYCWe have an established character that took source material from the Ultimate comics line. They even went the ultimate route with the huge eyes, on his current mask in ASM2. Isn’t the Avengers based on the Ultimate universe? Remember the story that broke out recently that they were talks between Sony and Marvel to show the Oscorp tower in the skyline during that movie? When that didn’t happen, then there were rumors that the Stark/Avengers tower was supposed to be in ASM2? Neither happened but it is obvious the two heads were trying to tell us that this Spider-Man was intended to exist in this universe. Still don’t think they should have Garfield? How about this: James Bond.

quantum_of_solace56Yes, the super spy agent himself. How does 007 have any correlation to Spider-Man? Simple. The answer is Judi Dench. When Judi Dench first signed on to play M in “Golden Eye” they made mention in the film, as well as real life, that this was the first time that a woman was in that role. It was a first for Pierce Brosnan, but this James Bond was already established, they were just changing the actor. Fast forward to “Casino Royale”, where we get a new actor and a different take on the character. He is just a field agent trying to get his 00 sign. Who do they have playing M: None other than Judi Dench. Wait….wha????? I thought this was a reboot? A paradox. In the end, the action was accepted and the transition went flawlessly. Did I mention that Sony also makes the new James Bond films? And didn’t the fine line between the two studios state that Sony has “final and creative control decisions of the character on-screen”? Understand now?

amazing-spider-manI’m sure whatever the final decision is will be fine, but will it be accepted? Could the box office numbers of ASM2, be attributed to this decision? Very possible. There were things in the deleted scenes that should have made the final cut, that were an integral part to that particular story. Either way, Sony needs to pitch for Garfield to be a part of the MCU and reboot the character with him in the suit. They know this. Fans know this. If Sony loves Spidey so much, I think by now they know they have a duty to appease the fans, and they have the power to do so, as mentioned above. After all, “with great power, comes great responsibility.”


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