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Young Talent in Emily Bett Rickards

Young Talent in Emily Bett Rickards

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I have to admit when I started to watch Arrow I was surprised at Emily Bett Rickards acting. Lately, in episodes Uprising and Canaries she has been on fire. At times being the best actor in a scene blowing us away with her talent. After Canaries aired on February 11, 2015 I decided to do some searching on the other bit of work Emily has done. Looking up her acting work on IMDB there isn’t much out there. To the Arrow fans, we all know that is the case as she is a young actress really getting started and her first big role is Felicity.

tumblr_n6hw4biHCG1tnzpmso3_500(Cowgirls n’ Angels Dakota’s Summer)

Going back to what seems like yesterday in 2012 what is listed on IMDB with her roles. I did try to watch Flicka: Country Pride but it isn’t streaming on Netflix just DVD. I jumped to Cowgirls n’ Angels Dakota’s Summer this film was released in 2014 but of course was filmed in 2013. Giving only a year after Arrow started. The film if you do watch it is a good old family movie. Emily plays a character Kirsten who is a trick horse riding cowgirl along with Dakota the younger sister. I have to say she was able to pull off a country accent flawlessly it didn’t waver or slip. Her acting was great and I  didn’t see Felicity at all it was Kirsten the cowgirl. This is great because this is showing that Emily isn’t one dimensional as an actress. I did watch her in Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story (2013 can be found on Amazon Prime if inclined to watch). Romeo Killer she has a medium size role and to be honest I just skipped to her scenes and still got an idea for the television Canadian Life Time film. Emily’s performance in Romeo different again not the same as Cowgirls or Arrow. Proving that she can take on a character that is different from others, she has played. Bacon and Eggs (short film found on the Vimeo site for the film 2012) Emily is only in this at the very end and nothing to really gauge the performance due to the short screen time. Soldiers of The Apocalypse the web series 2011/2013 site is no longer out there on the web, but you can check out pictures of Emily on the Facebook page for the series.

1377008_669422563070936_385326881_n(Soldiers of the Apocalypse)

Now back to Emily not being one-dimensional as an actress this is good. As viewers we tend to see an actor stuck in the same role with the same facials, body movement, and gestures; this causes a few problems mostly an actor is stuck and can’t move out of a certain role ‘type cast’. The other the acting is wooden and never moves on. Not the case with Emily far from it. There has been growth from within Arrow season 3 like I said earlier the latest episodes are proof of that. Now that I have watched Emily’s other projects I see a ton of potential.


So far, Emily is showing she can be a multi-dimensional actress. The more she grows within Arrow and keeps doing work outside of the show she can only keep getting better. Plus, picking the right projects will only add in her favor no need to go to an extreme to ‘prove’ she can act outside of being Felicity. She can already do it! Emily is truly blossoming before us.