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10 Weird Supplies Every Cosplayer Should Own

Everyone who has ever made their own cosplays knows you turn to weird places to get your supplies. Whether it be your neighbors trash bin or that clearance section at Michael’s, we know to never turn our nose up at weird supplies. But will even experienced cosplayers turn their noses up at these supplies? I’ve assembled a list of the not so common items every cosplayer should own.


1.Thrift Store Bras

Now bear with me here. Usually I would be appalled at the purchase of any undergarments from a thrift store, but in this case it works. Thrift store bras act as the base for female cosplay armor. When trying to fit craft foam exactly right to your dimensions, it helps to have a base to work around.

2. Spackle

   This white paste may look like frosting, but trust me it tastes nothing like frosting. However this frosting like substance is excellent for adding texture to accessories. It is an inexpensive fix that takes cosplays from two dimensional to three dimensional in an instant.

3.Toy Guns

    These are a cheap fix to use as bases for cosplay weaponry. Repaint them, add some new details, modge podge them up and you have a whole new weapon. They’re super inexpensive and if you are new to cosplaying make creating a cosplay weapon easy.

4.Curtains and Bed Sheets

     Yards of fabric can cost upwards of 25USD per yard. When you need several yards of fabric for a larger project this adds up fast. Curtains and bed sheets cost closer 10USD for a package. This is a life saver when you’re making capes.

5.Plastic Bottles

      Not only is this a great tip to help out the environment, but also to help out your cosplays. If you ever find yourself in need of some plastic that can be molded by heat water bottle are a great fix. It starts becoming mold-able at 175 degrees Fahrenheit, which is cooler than the suggested temperature for most hair straighteners.

6. Pipe Cleaners

     This is a dupe for craft wire. Craft Wire can run on the expensive side while pipe cleaners are usually less than 3USD per bag. Not a fan of the bright fun colors? When you light pipe cleaner on fire the fluff on the outside will burn away leaving pre cut wire ripe for the using.

7. Clear Nail Polish

When you need to make something waterproof or seal a tiny crack there is nothing better than clear nail polish. It dries fast and will keep your paint from chipping.

8. Styrofoam

      Get a lot of packages? Don’t be throwing those Styrofoam blocks away. They function excellently as the heart of weaponry. It’s light and mold-able. As an added bonus Styrofoam doesn’t disintegrate for 10,000 years so your weaponry will probably be around a lot long than you will.

9.Thrift Store Pillows

      In nearly every thrift store I’ve ever been in, there is the sad section of abandoned throw pillows.  Well let them be abandoned no more! The stuffing inside of pillows acts as a great filler for costume pieces. If you would prefer to wimp out then you can spend a little more on a new pillow from Walmart.


10. Polyisocyanurate Rigid Foam Insulation 

     Although this one is mouth full, it comes in handy. Essentially these are just stiff insulation boards. They function as the base for you to carve the base for pieces out of.  It’s a lot like poster board but a lot thicker and bigger. It usually retails for around 10USD for a big sheet.

    Everyone who has made their own cosplays should pick  up some if not all of these weird supplies. All these supplies can be picked up for less than 10USD at your local thrift store, craft store, hardware store, or supermarket. I hope this supply list from your local cosplaying princess will help you succeed in your cosplaying endeavors.

And as always,

Have a geek filled day!

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