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This Amazing Cosplayer Makes Cosplays Using Her Hijab To Cosplay

Queen of Luna aka Saraswati is a Malaysian cosplayer who has been changing the game for cosplayers everywhere.  Saraswati is a makeup artist and nerdy human using her hijab to create her cosplays. Particularly amazing is the way she completely transforms into another character. Because of this she has become a trailblazer in hijab cosplay. Hijab cosplay is a new style utilizing hijabs as part of the cosplay itself. The results of her cosplaying technique couldn’t be more amazing.



Although she has faced hatred and bigotry Saraswati pushes forward.  Accordingly continuing to create the fantastical looks utilizing her hijab as part of the entire cosplay. Moreover her style of cosplay has spark a revolution of Muslim women getting into cosplay. She describes herself as “just a geek living in her own parallel universe.” and challenges the ideas we may have about what nerdy has to look like. In her case, nerdy looks like cosplays ranging from Disney, DC, Marvel, and even horror movies. Notably her cosplay of Stephen King’s IT will chill you right to the bone.

 Saraswati is changing the way people look as cosplay and being a nerd. Accordingly, the internet has exploding with support for her amazing creativity and skill.  Moreover her looks have gained her over 300k in instagram followers. Ultimately Queen of Luna is proving that being a nerd is for everyone and anyone. Thank you for the amazing looks you’re serving Saraswati! Keep showing off those skills, girl.

To see more of QueenofLuna’s jaw-dropping looks, follow her social media at:

Instagram: @queenofluna

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/queenofluna/

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