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Amazon Dash button
Amazon Dash button in its packaging.

Amazon Dash Buttons : Reviewing 1-touch Replenishment

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Thanks to a whopping Black Friday deal, I’ve been able to secure a house-full of Amazon Dash buttons. These buttons, released in the UK in August 2016 & available in the USA, can be configured by Amazon Prime members to wirelessly order specific products from key brands. The product ordered is set up by the user initially, during a very quick configuration process.

Tide's button on Amazon Dash
Tide’s button on Amazon Dash

Upon pressing, the button will order the selected product for rapid delivery. Don’t worry, multiple presses will not place additional orders and accidental orders can be cancelled before they dispatch. The items available per brand (like Gillette, Durex and Kleenex etc) are usually delivered in bulk. Since I have installed the buttons, my house has enjoyed hassle-free, next-day deliveries of kitchen towels and razor blades.

Considering these are the sorts of items that take a lot of space in the trunk, can be too heavy/bulky to carry or are often out of stock; we’ve found this service to be a real benefit. Out of the eight brands that we have ordered; only one was not useful to us as the section of products did not match our needs. In this case it was a dish soap brand for the UK, but the Dash-enabled products were only for dishwasher tablets and we don’t have a dishwasher.

We just need to train the cat how to push the button and order his own cat food.
We just need to train the cat how to push the button and order his own cat food.

Regardless of the privacy concerns, I have found that the trade off for more seamless living is worth it. Not everyone is a fan though, for a different perspective; I recommend this article from the BBC.

Given my good experience with Amazon Dash, I think the next frontier will be home automation with the Echo or similar!

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