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Ask Temple of Geek Staff…

We asked our staff… What was your best geeky Christmas gift?

Danniel Slade The best geeky Christmas gift I have gotten was a couple of years ago. My wife surprised me with a out of issue Wal-Mart exclusive Starscream Masterpiece figure. The best though, was the look on her face when I took it out of the box!

Josie Price I come from a family where I am the only nerd. So whenever they put forth the effort and get me a geeky Christmas gift it’s really touching because I know they had to go out of their way to think of what I would like. Most recently I remember receiving a copy of The Force Awakens for Christmas. It might not seem like a lot to most people, but to me it was extremely touching to receive.

Jose Vasquez My parents surprise me with a ticket voucher to get Stan Lee’s autograph and a photo with him at Frank and Sons in the city of industry I had tears of joy I couldn’t believe it.

Brian Lazarow Hmm, that’s a tough one but I’d probably have to go with either the time my mom made me a cloak that looked like it was made out of dragon scales or when my parents got me a full set of training swords.

Amanda Fox Rosowski The hubby and I went halvsies on the xbox one Xmas before last!

Monica Duarte Every year my significant other makes a huge deal about giving the kid’s a traditional Christmas. While we are enjoying Christmas Eve at my mother’s, he sneaks over to our home and makes it look like Santa has come to drop off the gifts for the kids. Every year Santa leaves us a special new ornament or holiday decoration. Last year, like many Christmas Eves before, we waited till midnight to bring the kids home. When we walked in, we all gasped and shrieked. Santa had left us BB-8 in the middle of our living room. I was completely unaware as were my kids. And our excitement over this huge BB-8 by the Christmas tree was immeasurable. It was the geekiest thing Santa had ever done for us. I will cherish the reactions forever.

Matthew Wells As a kid, my parents were pretty cool about getting the latest Ninja Turtle or Transformer toys or video games, but I think the geekiest gift would be the original Star Wars on VHS. They gave it to me on Christmas Eve and (since we opened gifts on Christmas morning) would let me have a VCR in my room so I could marathon the entire trilogy while sleeplessly waiting to open the rest of the gifts. It became my holiday tradition for years.



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