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I can't even

i can’t even. The Web Series Season 2 is Out Now on YouTube

Celebrating the Life of Fangirls

i can’t even. The Web Series. is an Australian web series From twin sisters Hayley and Alyce Adams. i can’t even. follows two self-proclaimed pop
culture nerds, Em and Lex, living vicariously through their favorite cult fandoms. We covered season 1 back in 2015 and are excited to tell you that season 2 was just recently released on YouTube!

i can’t even. Season 2 offers up more ridiculous situations for the two best friends to get into. An attempted zombie decapitation, a solemn vow to speak only in Dothraki, trying to eat like the Gilmore Girls, and the staking of Edward Cullen plus many, many more.

Reprising their roles from the first season, Louise Cox’s “Em” and Tiana Hogben’s “Lex” are two best friends who could not be more different in temperament but are united in their shared love of pop culture. They are not in the least bit shy about expressing their fangirl quirks and characteristics which even the most casual enthusiasts can relate to; whether it be arguing over which house you would be sorted into at Hogwarts or taking desperate measures to speed up the long hiatus between the next new season or book.

Below are the episodes from season 2 of i can’t even. and their synopsis to get an idea of what is in store in this second season:

  • Gilmore Girls Diet

    Attempting to eat like Rory and Lorelai, Lex goes on a sugar high and begins to write her own bad fanfiction, much to the horror of Em.

  • Look at the Flowers

    After one too many viewings of the Walking Dead, Lex becomes suspicious of Em’s flu-like symptoms.

  • AKA Trolls

    When a troll makes fun of Em’s Drarry drawing, Lex falls down a black hole of the internet in her quest to stop the abuse.

  • Winter is Never Coming

    Em’s vow to speak only in Dothraki until the next Game of Thrones book comes out is put to the test when Lex organizes a surprise visitor.

  • Buffy Staked Edward

    Insecure about going on a first date, Em relies on Lex’s help only for it to blow up in her face.

  • Where You Lead

    Venturing out to a nerdy themed bar, Lex and Em’s friendship is put to the test when they meet other people who seem a better fit for them on paper.


The Australian sketch comedy features six new episodes, first 5 released simultaneously on YouTube June 29th, with a special finale released July 6th. Watch the first five episodes of the second season here and their first season here.

The Cast and Crew of i can’t even.

i can't even

Writer and Creator – Alyce Adams

“Alyce loves being lazy and really gravitated towards a career that allowed her to tell people she was working when in fact she was still in her pyjamas in bed, so she got a Master of Screenwriting from VCA. Primarily focused on writing and watching female driven comedy, Alyce is inspired by films such as Bridesmaids and TV shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer.”

Producer and Creator – Hayley Adams

Hayley Adams produces commercials at Balloon Tree Productions. A web series guru, Hayley hosts the popular monthly web series meetup IRL in Melbourne (www.webseriesirl.com). Hayley has worked with Melbourne Webfest producing content and hosting panel discussions. A Masters of Producing graduate from the Victorian College of the Arts, Hayley completed a two-month internship with the boutique television production company Federation Entertainment in LA, fostering a passion for the development process. Most importantly, she’s never afraid to use the F-word! (Calm down, it’s just feminism).

i can't even

i can't even
Em – Louise Cox

Originally from Perth, Louise graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and majored in theater. She studied overseas at the Stella Adler Academy in New York before moving to Melbourne, where she fell in love with improv. Recently, Louise lived out her nerdy dreams by appearing in Completely Improvised Potter at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, selling out shows, improvising a completely new year at Hogwarts each night in an hour. Do not follow her on Instagram if you can’t take constant posts about Harry Potter. Siriusly!

Lex – Tiana Hogben

Tiana Hogben is an actor and improviser from Melbourne. She has studied improv at Upright Citizens Brigade (NY), The Second City (LA), iO Chicago and The Improv Conspiracy Melbourne. In 2016 she co-created and starred in the narrative sketch show Who We Were (Melbourne Fringe Festival) and has written, directed and starred in sketches for Hit By a Blimp. She has also studied acting at The Australian Film and Television Academy. Some of her on screen credits include Neighbours, Get Krack!n, and of course i can’t even..

i can't even


You can follow i can’t even. on their social media sites:

YouTube – Youtube.com/icantevenseries

Facebook – Facebook.com/icantevenseries

Tumblr – icanevenseries.tumblr.com

Twitter – Twitter.com/icantevenseries

Instagram – Instagram.com/icantevenseries

Go check out the series now. You will have a good time getting to know these fan girls. You can also listen to an interview we did with the creators in 2015 by clicking here.

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