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Gears of War 4 – What are you!?

Gears of War 4

Do you like this post?It seems an easy question a first. Gears of War 4 is at its core a cover-based shooter. Well yes, but then it also has a substantial bit of fortress defense thrown in and some pseudo-platforming dodge bits too. It’s also couch co-op… unless you have …

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Retro Rebel Podcast – Episode 8: The Switch


Do you like this post?The Switch…. Stacy, Amanda, and Danniel discuss the Nintendo Switch. They break down their thoughts of the system and the games. They then transition in the topic of couch co-op. Stacy was driving to Texas during this episode but we really wanted to get an episode out. …

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Retro Rebel Podcast – Episode 5: Our Top 7 Games

Top 7 Games

Do you like this post?TOP 7 GAMES! Stacy, Amanda, Danniel, and Rooster discuss their favorite top 7 games ever. They discuss why their picks are their favorites. Enjoy! We also just started a new Patreon page!!! Please head over to patreon.com/templeofgeek to see how you can help us make this and …

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Retro Rebel Podcast – Episode 3: Gaming Memories

Gaming Memories

Do you like this post?Stacy, Amanda, Danniel, and Rooster talk about their early gaming memories. Listen to the Rebels as they talk about their first systems. From the Odyssey to some weird cellophane “VR” headset/spider contraption. The Rebels also discuss their early stories of gaming. There is also some Nintendo talk …

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Retro Rebel Podcast – Episode 1: Horror Games

Episode 1 Horror Games

Do you like this post?Stacy, Danniel, and Rooster discuss horror games on this premiere episode of Retro Rebel Podcast. Prepare to hear what makes Stacy scared when playing games. Rooster discusses zombies and Danniel talks Nintendo. Enjoy! HORROR GAMES!! Some of the games discussed in this episode are: Resident Evil …

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